Drilling centrifugal mud pump

Drilling centrifugal mud pump mainly supplies to solids control circulating system of oilfield drill rig,and be used to provide drilling liquid with a certain discharge capacity and pressure to desander, desilter and mud mixer,to assure these equipments work efficiently.
As we know, drilling mud centrifugal pump is processing drilling fluid with various solid particle and chemical. It is mainly suspending liquid then the pump impeller and casing should be more durable and high anticorrosive capability.
The pump working condition is rather hard will transfer drilling fluid with solid in long term. We need the bearing seal is very reliable and steady.
Centrifugal pumps use one or more impellers that rotate on a shaft. The rotating impeller moves the fluid along the spinning vanes, which increases the velocity of the fluid. The fluid then leaves the impeller vanes and moves into the pump volute where the velocity of the fluid is converted into high pressure through a diffusion process. Then the fluid is sent through the discharge port of the centrifugal pump and into the piping system.

KOSUN is a professional drilling fluid centrifugal pump supplier and manufacturer in China oil drilling fluids solids control industry.As the pioneer in this industry,KOSUN is capable of providing customers with series products ,such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security equipment.

The products we can provide for oilfield and drilling fluid processing system including drilling mud shale shaker,drilling fluid mud cleaner,desander, desilter,drilling fluids decanter centrifuge,vacuum degasser,mud tanks,mud gun,mud agitator,drilling mud centrifugal pumps and all the other solids control equipment,complete solids control system,etc.

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