OOB-50 Metallic Self-lubricating Bearings Cast Bronze Bearings With Graphite Solid Lubricated Copper Bearing

with Solid Graphite Lubrication. Various material specifications, standard and special shapes are also available OOB-50 Self-lubricating bearings, solid bearings, copper-based bearings, boring machine bearing, earthmoving machinery bearings, bulldozer bearing, oilless bearing for food machinery Solid bronze bearing is a kind of cast bearing, it's also called solid metal bearing, guide bush, solid sliding bearing, graphite plugged oilless bearing, graphite filled bushing, solid lubricant bearing, brass bushing and cooper bearing. Standard cylindrical bearing, flanged bearing, wear plate are available. OOB-50 graphite plugged brass bushing is a type of solid metal bearing. This type of self-lubricating bearing is also called oilless bearing, brass bearing, cooper bushing, solid sliding bearing, guide bushing and graphite filled bearing. The self-lubricating bearings are based on high-strength copper alloy where a certain proportion of solid lubricants are regularly arranged in accordance with working conditions. This kind of copper-based bearing combines the high abrasion resistance and high carrying capacity of copper alloy with the self-lubricating property of solid lubricants. This will result in significant reduction of maintenance cost of equipment. 1. The self-lubricating bearings can be used for a long time without maintenance. 2. It is designed for use under ultra high static load and dynamic load. 3. This product features extremely low and stable coefficient of friction. The phenomenon of adhesion never occurs.  4. Strong resistance to dust, corrosion, impact, and edge load  5. Metal substrate has superb shock-absorbing capacity. 6. This kind of solid bearing can be used within a very wide temperature range. 7. It is suitable for those with hardly formable oil films and various frequent starts such as reciprocation, rotation, swing, etc. 8. Extremely low wear rate and long service life  Usage  The self-lubricating bearings are applicable to the injection molding machines, automotive moulds, engineering machinery, hydraulic cylinders, large gearbox, metallurgical continuous casting machines, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines, crane support, food machinery, and the water turbines, etc.  The solid lubricated brass bearing is primarily composed of high-strength special brass with HB >235. Its wear-resistant surface has a certain proportion of drilled holes. This kind of oil-free brass bearing is inset with a solid lubricant. Both its strength and hardness are higher than those of the sliding bearings.  Characteristics  1. Owing to higher mechanical strength and hardness, the solid lubricated brass bearing is provided with increased carrying capacity and abrasion resistance in comparison with it.  2. It can be applied in different industries such as mining machinery and engineering machinery. 3. The engineering machine bearing gives superb wear resistance under conditions of low speed and heavy load. 4. It is not suitable for use in seawater environment.  Special suitable for low loads and middle velocity operations, also perform well at high temperature Excellent resistance to chemical attack and corrosion Maintenance free Availability: Cylindrical oiles bushing, flanged oiless bearing, thrust washer and oilles slide plate are standard fabrication. Special designs and material can be made according to your design. Special material such as CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3, CuSn5Pb5Zn5 or CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3  can be made based on your requirement Application:  OOB-50 solid bronze bearing is widely used in fire place door, convey way of the baking furnace, rubber machinery, light industrial machinery, machine tool industry and etc. Other Details: Quality Standard: DIN 1494 Package: Standard export package Standard Lead time: 30 days Shipping mode: Courier, air plane or ship Supply Ability: 20000000PCS/Month Port of Loading: Shanghai Certificate: ISO 9001:2008 HS Code: 8483300090 Advantage: Well experienced OEM manufacturer  15 years in the self lubricating bearing industry 90% products export to foreign countries Bronze alloy metallic bearings with graphite plugs provides both the good wear resistance and great self-lubricating feature of the bearings. This designation enables the bearings to be operated without oiling or greasing maintanance. It is widely used in the field of high load and intermittant movement as well as oscillating movement conditions such as automobile assembling line, Water Turbine, Gate dams and Plastic Injection Mahineries. Depending on different working conditions, variety of types of different alloys are available from OOB. Technical Grade 650# 650S1 650S2 650S3 650S5 Material CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 CuAI10Ni5Fe5 CuSn12 CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Density 8 8.9 7.8 8.9 8 Hardness ≥210 ≥70 ≥150 ≥75 ≥235 Tensile  strength ≥750 ≥250 ≥500 ≥270 ≥800 Yield  strength ≥450 ≥90 ≥260 ≥150 ≥450 Elongation ≥12 ≥13 ≥10 ≥5 ≥8 Coefficient o linear  expansion 1.9×10-5/℃ 1.8×10-5/℃ 1.6×10-5/℃ 1.8×10-5/℃ 1.9×10-5/℃ Max.Temp. -40~+300℃ -40~+400℃ -40~+400℃ -40~+400℃ -40~+300℃ Max.dynamic  load 100 60 50 70 120 Max.speed(Dry) 15 10 20 10 15 N/mm²*m/s (Lubrication) 200 60 60 80 200 Compression  deformation <0.01 mm <0.05mm0.05mm< <0.04mm0.04mm< <0.05mm0.05mm< <0.005mm0.005mm<


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