Hydrogenated cinnamic acid

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Molecular weight: 150.17

EINECS number: 207-924-5

Purity: ≥98%

Packing specification: 25 kg / packaging

Use limit: FEMA (mg / kg): beverage 0.02 ~ 1.0; cold drink 0.48 ~ 1.0; candy 0.80 ~ 4.0; baked goods 17.0; gel, pudding, 1.2; dairy products 2.0;FDA, §172.515 (2000): The amount is limited.The perfume ingredients used to formulate the fragrance must not exceed the maximum allowable amount and maximum allowable residue in GB 2760.

Chemical properties: white prismatic crystals. The temperature of 48.5° C, the boiling point of 280°C, 125-129°C(0.8 kPa), the relative density of 1.071. Soluble in hot water, alcohol, benzene, chloroform, ether, glacial acetic acid, petroleum ether and carbon disulfide, slightly soluble in cold water. It can volatilize with water vapor.

Usage: This product is a flavoring agent for spices. Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, also used in organic synthesis.The it can be used as intermediate of rasagiline

Storage:Pay attention to the source of fire, especially to avoid sunlight, and store in a cool place.

Keywords: Hydrogenated cinnamic acid (3-phenylpropionic acid), flavors, spices, synthetic flavors, intermediate drug, rasagiline


Hydrogenated cinnamic acid (3-phenylpropionic acid) is a white prismatic crystal having a melting point of 48.5 °C, a boiling point of 280°C, 125-129°C(0.8 kPa), and a relative density of 1.071. Soluble in hot water, alcohol, benzene, chloroform, ether, glacial acetic acid, petroleum ether and carbon disulfide, slightly soluble in cold water. It can volatilize with water vapor.

Parkinson's disease, also known as "tremor palsy", is a central nervous system degenerative disease, most commonly found in middle-aged and elderly people, and is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the "world's difficult diseases." With the aging of the society, there are more than 1.8 million Parkinson's patients in China, and the incidence is increasing at a rate of 0.1% per year. Because there is no suitable medical treatment, about 20-25% of patients eventually lose their lives. ability. In order to solve this problem, in 2005, Denmark LUNDBECK company and Israel TEVA company developed a rasagiline through long-term joint experiments. Compared with the first generation of therapeutic drugs, according to the Canadian Medical Post report, rasagiline treatment can relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease for up to 6 years, and also has a certain protective effect on the nerves. However, due to the high price of raw materials and the complicated preparation methods, the price of rasagiline has remained high and the patients are suffering. The latest research found that rasagiline is prepared by using low-cost hydrogen cinnamic acid as an intermediate. It has the advantages of simple operation, low cost and high yield. The price of regagiran is cheaper than other drugs. More than 50% brings new hope to patients.

In addition, the recent International Institute of Chemistry has shown that hydrogenated cinnamic acid can also be used as an intermediate in the treatment of the diabetes drug glibenclamide. Diabetes is a worldwide stubborn disease, and its alias for foreign countries is called "silent killer." There are currently more than 92 million diabetic patients in China, and another 100 million are potential patients. Glibenclamide is the most effective drug for oral hypoglycemic, but it has been expensive due to the price of raw materials and has strong toxic side effects. In the modern pharmaceutical industry, the cinnamon series-hydrocinnamic acid is used as an intermediate, which has certain auxiliary effects on reducing side effects and lowering blood sugar.


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