Vicose Binder LH-321G

Vicose Binder LH-321G

-Super soft binder.

Bright Color Vicose BinderLH-321G

-LH-321G is suitable for pigment printing or non-woven processing on cotton, polyester and their blends, has properties of soft hand-feeling and excellent color fastness.

Key Features and Typical Benefits:

◆ Bright color and full color yield, stable with the thickener.

◆ Extremely soft hand-feeling. Good brushing and rubbing fastness.

◆ Stable to thermo and stirring, the emulsion has good dispersing performance, can avoid blocking the printing screen.

◆ A self-crossing binder, bright film forming.

◆ Environmental protection product. Can be used for baby clothing.




Physical Form



Milky white viscous liquid

pH value(10% aqueous solution)

Solid Content (%)

Ionic Character







Binder LH-321G


Water or others




YimanVicose BinderProcess flow: Paste preparation → Rotary or screen printing → Drying →Baking (150-160℃, 1.5-3 min)

According to the demand, LH-321G can mix with water at any ratio. process: Dipping, padding or spraying → Baking(150-170℃,1-2 min) Note: Detailed process should be adjusted according to preliminary tries.

YimanVicose Binder

Operating and safety instructions:

YimanVicose Binder

Package & Storage:

Plastic drum net 120 kg, can be stored for 6 months under room temperature and hermetic condition without exposure to sunlight. To ensure that the product quality is maintained, please check the period of validity of the product, and should be used up before the validity. The container should be tightly sealed when not in use. It should be stored without prolonged exposure to extreme heat and cold conditions, which may cause product separation. If the product is separated, stir the contents. If the product is frozen, thaw it at warm condition and stir after thawed.


The above recommendations are based on comprehensive studies and experience made in practical finishing. They are, however, without liability regarding property rights of third parties and foreign laws. The user should test for himself whether the product and the Application: are suited for his very special purposes.

We are, above all, not liable for fields and methods of Application: which have not been put down by us in writing.

Advice for marking regulations and protective measures can be taken from the respective safety data sheet.

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