Monosodium Glutamate

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Product Name:Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)Packing:25kgs/bagCAS  NO:Molecular Formula:Molecular Structure:Physico-chemical properties:white or colorless crystalPicture:MSG is a kind of seasoning,Website:, the main ingredient is Glutamate. People use MSG to enhance the flavour of your food, especially frequentlly available in Asian country.And also MSG is a material when processing other compound seasoning such as Stock cube, sauce, vinegar and other much more seasoning.So it has a big amount demand all over the world. MSG is used to intensify flavors of foods. It is produced by a bacterial ferment-ation process with starch or molasses. MSG is not a direct taste enhancer but acomplex flavor enhancer for gravies, meats, poultry, sauces, and in other combinations. It is also used to enhance thetaste of tobacco. MSG is also used as an organic intermediate. Specification: ITEMLIMITAPPEARANCEWHITE CRYSTALLINE OR POWDERPURITY99.0 %MIN – 100 % MAXSTATE OF SOLUTION(TRANSMITTANCE)CLEAR AND COLORLESS NOT LESS THAN 98.0%SOLUBILITY72.0G/100ML WATER AT 25 DEGREE CELSIUSSODIUM CONTENT12.2 PCT APPROXPH (5 % SOLUTION)6.7~7.2LOSS ON DRYING (H2O)0.3 PCT MAX.CLORIDE (CL)0.039 PCT MAX.AMMONIUM(NH4)0.02 PCT MAXSULFATE(SO4)0.028 PCT MAXIRON(FE)5 PPM MAXLEAD (PB)1 PPM MAX.ARSENIC (AS)0.5 PPM MAX.PYRROLIDONE0.2PCT MAXTOTAL MICROORGANISMNOT DETECTABLESPECIFIC ROTATION(ALFA D 20 DEGREE ) BETWEEN +24.8 AND +25.3TOTAL PLATE COUNT800 COLONY / G MAXTOTAL COLIFORM / GNOT DETECTABLEE. COLI / GNOT DETECTABLESALMONELLA / 25GNOT DETECTABLEMESH SIZEAS PER NEED


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