bazayan Enterprises LLP


bazayan Enterprises LLP



 “Bazayan & Co.”  Bazayan is trading and   distributing chemical raw materials for various industries with the main focus on the personal care   industry. At Bazayan, our customer centric approach enables us to deliver substantial cost saving   to our customers by delivering quality products at competitive prices.  We specialise in various   grades of Lanolin (IP/BP/USP and Other grades) and Waxes (Natural Beeswax/ Synthetic   Beeswax/ Microcrystalline wax and Other Petroleum based waxes) and Activated carbon.  


Lanolin And It's Derivatives
Lanolin And It's Derivatives We are suppliers of Lanolin and it's derivatives. We supply Lanolin Anhydrous USP/IP/BP/EP-ELP/Cosmetic Grade etc. We source the product from well ...