Micro Sphere Lenses

This product is polished spherical lenses made by optical glass fused silica, sapphire or other optical materials which have relatively high transmission rate for a diode with an anti-reflection coating. Widely used for coupling light in and out of fibers. It has the advantage of easy for fabrication, light weight which can be considered as the ideal components for optical communication applications.


Although due to the spherical aberration which leads to lower coupling efficiency, its unique easy-packaging attribute guaranteed ball lenses are suitable for series production for optical communication applications with no doubts, especially compared to aspheric lenses.







BK7 or equivalent, Sapphire, Quartz, Fused Silica


± 10µm

± 5µm

± 2.5µm

Figure (Sphericity)

5 Lambda(@632.8nm)

3Lambda (@632.8nm)

1Lambda (@632.8nm)

Focal Length Tolerance (%)











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