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ABB PM150V+PM151+PM152+PM153+PM154


ABB Freelance2000  DAO 01

6SE7036-1EE85-0AA0 (C98043-A1691-L1-11/6SE7036-0EF85-0EA0)

6SE7031-7EE85-0AA0 (C98043-A1691-L1-11/6SE7036-0EF85-0EA0)

AB 1336F-B150-AA-EN

6SE7031-8EF80-Z (G95+K01+K11+M20+)(主板CUSA)

6SE7031-2TF70-Z (G43+G41+G95+K01+K11+K80+M20+)CUPM

ABB PM511V16/3BSE011181R1

591C/8000/5/3 800A


ABB DCS500 DCS501-0700-41-1102010

6SE7031-0TE60-Z (G41+G93+K80+M20+)

6SE7031-0TE60-Z (G41+G93+M20+)

CT M825GB14

CT  UNI4401 45KW

6ES7 616-2QL10-0AB4 + 6ES7673-6CC40-0YA0

AB 1 1395-B78-C4-P12-X1

ABB DSPC172H /57310001-MP/DSPC-172H


6RA2487-6DV00-0 /6QN5503-0BA



ABB PM861AK01 3BSE018157R1 PM861A

ABB DSCA180F /57520001-KM /DSCA-180F

ABB Freelance 2000 CPU单元DCP02

AB 150-A500NBDB

ABB 216NG62A 216NG62

ABB DCS PM511V08 3BSE011180R1

AB 1394C-SJT05-T-RL

SIEMENS/ OP45 6AV3545-1VC12-3FX0

ABB 3BHE022293R0101 / PC D232 A


SIEMENS 6ES7414-4HJ04-0AB0

ABB HESG324490 R1/HESG435737P2

ABB DCS500 DCS502-0140-41-1101010

ABB PC D232 A / 3BHE022293R0101

Kl?ckner Moeller Motorschutzscha?lter PKZM0-0,16

Siemens  8WD4408-0AD GEB

Siemens  5ST3 010 (4Stk.) OVP

Siemens  3RT1024-1AP00 5,5kW/400V OVP

Siemens   24V/7,5kW/400V 3RT1025-3BB40 GEB

Kl?ckner  T0-3-8228/I OVP

Siemens  3RV1021-1CA10 GEB

Timonta  FSW 2-65-3/5 GEB

Kraus&Naimer  8AA740-600E OVP

Kraus&Naimer  8AA740-600EL OVP

Siemens  6ES7 131-4BF00-0AA0 OVP

Siemens  3RV1011-1AA15 OVP

Siemens  3TH2031-0AP0 OVP

Eaton  PKZM0-25 XTPR025BC1 GEB

Telemecanique XVBC21 084502 OVP

Siemens  3TH2022-0AP0 OVP

Weidmüller  WQV 2.5/2 1053660000 (50Stk.) ...

Siemens  5SX2110-8 OVP

Siemens  5SX2210-7 OVP

Siemens  5SX2103-7 OVP

Siemens  3RK1903-0AB10 OVP

Siemens  3TF2010-0AP0 230V/50Hz GEB

Telemecanique  LP1K0910 2F97074003 220V/50Hz GEB

Kl?ckner Moeller  PKZM0-2,5-T GEB

Eaton  DILM32-XHI11 MSAA277376 (3 Stk.) OV...



Emerson to Acquire GE’s Intelligent Platforms Business

The addition of GE’s PLC technologies to the portfolio will help Emerson expand further into hybrid industries like metals and mining, life sciences, food and beverage, and packaging.

By Aaron Hand , Executive Editor, on October 2, 2018

With the Emerson Global Users Exchange going on this week in San Antonio, Texas, it’s not as if the automation supplier didn’t have plenty of news to share already. But Emerson decided to make another big announcement today: It has agreed to acquire GE’s Intelligent Platforms division.

Peter Zornio, Emerson’s chief technology officer, flagged the news at an event press briefing this morning before letting industry journalists know that he wouldn’t be able to comment any further at this point. “We don’t own them yet, so we can’t say anything about where it’s going,” he said, adding later, “It’s another key piece of digital foundation for us to add to our portfolio as well as some digital capability in our Plantweb area.” Plantweb is the digital ecosystem that Emerson launched two years ago and serves as its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.


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