Complete set of heavy cylinder seals MB07080

Shaft Sleeve, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0036
O-ring, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0037
Hinge Bolts, Pump - Centrifugal SB68FJ0039
Screw bolt SB68FJ0041
Pin, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0043
Mechanical seal, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0044
Key, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0045
Key, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0046
Pin and sheath loop, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0015S
Pump jointer, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0003S
Motor jointer, centrifugal pump SB68FJ0004S
T900 Carbon brush 41B537963P01
Ballast; part number Cooper CEB12236
Ballast; part number Cooper EB236/T8
Ballast; part number Cooper EB218/T8
Inverter; part number Cooper INV-CCH12118-36
Battery; part number NCB-CCH13118-36
Battery; part number NI-CD 6V 4AhR
Battery; part number NI-CD 6V 4AhR
O-ring (4” fig 602/1002 Seal Std Buna, p/N: ABCO 602/1002 SEAL-4.0 BUNA)
Rubber ring 95х120
Inner O-ring for support ring 9303.11
Outer O-ring for support ring 9303.13
O-ring for support ring 9303.15.00
Wear-resistant C29 O-ring for support ring 9303.12.01
O-ring for body 9303.14.00
Wear-resistant O-ring for body 9303.01.01
O-ring for body piston 9303.16.00
Wear-resistant O-ring for body piston 9303.17.01
Die 3 (9/16") KHT5500-34 / KHT9625.1.1.1-2(3)
Die 4 (5/8") KHT5500-35 / KHT9625.1.1.1-2(4)
Die 5 (11/16") KHT5500-36 / KHT9625.1.1.1-2(5)
Die 7 (13/16") KHT5500-38 / KHT5500.1.1.1-2(7)
Die 8 (7/8") KHT5500-39 / KHT9625.1.1.1-2(8)
Die 9 (15/16") KHT5500-40 / KHT9625.1.1.1-2(9)
VALVE, UPPER KELLY COCK, 7-1-0396 CLASS2, CS197K 6-5/8" REGLH X 6-5/8" REGLH F021971
VALVE, LOWER KELLY COCK, 7-1-0396 CLASS2, XS121F-T5I NC38 X NC38 F071216
VALVE, LOWER KELLY COCK, 7-1-0396 CLASS2, XS121K - NC38 X NC38 5000PSI -F021211
Втулка бимет.d170 GH3161-05.21/3NB-1300F
Втулка бимет.d170 GH3161-05.21/3NB-1300F
Repair Kit,-Complete, lower 30177550-2
Brake pads Р6000102АА
Screw brake pads (Screw M10x32) Р2200005АА
Brake shoe locknut Р1200004АА
Steel tape assembly ZAA
Automatic brake 3701800005
Repair Kit, - Complete, upper 30177549-2
Nakatnik component 19.120.00 (head of ticks)
Push bar 5401800002
Push bar Р0000092АА
Spring Р9000091АА
Spring Р9000041АА
Friction disc 5401700002
Brake Bandages (Brake Drum) ZАА
Pneumatic chamber of the main shaft 5401900011
Hydraulic motor 5tn YJ5T-2A
Auxiliary winch -3tn (complete) 4000400005
Auxiliary winch -5tn (complete) 4000400004
Repair kit axial seals motor YJ3T-4A
Repair kit axial sealing motor YJ5T-2A
Remkomplekt 3tn YJ3T-4A
Pneumatic chamber of the drive rotor 5401900010
Remkomplekt 5tn YJ5T-2A
Pump hydraulic PARKER 4900500305
Overflow valve 4900300149
Telescopic cylinder lifting the second section of the tower MBU ZAA
3tn hydraulic motor YJ3T-4A
Friction disc 5401700004
Parquet rack 01.01-02 (cheek stand)
Hydraulic filters MBU 5400200034, 5400200008
Power take-off 5000950002
Valve VSP-3301-31
Repair kit support cylinder rear ZАА
Repair kit support cylinder front ZАА
Air filter 5400100012
Paper filter 5400200034
Suction filter 5400200008
Gear pump 4900550085
Brake accelerated valve 500100084
Two-way three-way solenoid switching valve 4900350304
Two-way three-way pneumatic switching valve 3801950003
Two-way three-way pneumatic switching valve 4900350107
Rotation connector 4700650114
Shuttle valve 4900350110
Two-way three-way manual switching valve 4900350088
Spring 01.01-23 (tick head)
Combined valve (main drum) 4900350098
Speed switch 4900350102
Speed Shift Cylinder 5400650003
Gas regulator 5402650038
Two-way three-way pneumatic switching valve 3801950004
Electromagnetic coil 3100450003
Protivostazkivatelny valve ZАА
Brake lining friction disc W24-07-301
Dental board 01.01-27 (cheek complex)
Three-position four-way manual switching valve 4900350092
Two-way three-way pneumatic switching valve 3801950001
Dental board screw 01.01-28M (cheek complex)
Цилиндр в сб. GH3161-05.01.00/3NB-1600F
Copper winch auxiliary brake discs W24-11-307
Auxiliary Brake Piston Seal Х01-00-012, Х01-00-011
Chain 28A (1 3/4 "28A-2) 5401500006
Drive shaft 2261HHT LKO = 600 5000700997
Втулка бимет.d170 GH3161-05.21/3NB-1300F
Поршень RGF1000- D170мм
Клапан GH3161-05.11.00 бур.нас. Honghua
Поршень ф 150 GH3161-
Диафрагма GH3161-27.03.00/3NB-1600F
Drive shaft 2261HHT LKO = 2330 S = 150 5000700994
Transfer Case Assembly ZAA
Angle gearbox ZAA
Pressure gauge (NPT1 / 4) 3800200015
Working valve board 4900450091
Intake Valve Board 4900450090
Bearing 6307-2RS FP FP
oil Breather XJFH-5/35-1010
Oblique 01.01-30 (head of ticks)
Spring 01.01-33 (tick head)
Oriented Lever (tick head)
Working valve board 4900450097
Working valve board 4900450095
Piston 01.04-03 (clem)
Copper Sleeve 01.04-06 (Clem)
Copper Sleeve 02-05M (Clamp)
Sleeve 02-10M (Clem)
Sleeve 02-17M (Clem)
Big sleeve 02-02M (Clem)
Little thing 02-04M (Clem)
Two way air valve QF501B
Quick exhaust valve QF514C
Manual commutation valve 34SH-B2
Inlet valve YF-B20H
Bearing 223 GB / T288 (slot axis, 150x70x51)
Bearing NJ3 GB / T283 (sloth, 160x75x37)
Bearing 118 GB / T276 (soon-variable box, 140x90x24)
Sealing ring 01 / 02-09 (sloth)
O-ring35x3 JB / ZQ42 (cleat cylinder)
O-ring65x3 JB / ZQ42 (cleat cylinder)
Gate valve 4600100273
Sealing gasket K4124027AA
Plug valve KAA
Sealing gasket P1001898AA
O-ring105x3 JB / ZQ42 (cleat cylinder)
Yx-Sealing ring d40 JB / ZQ42 (cleat cylinder)
J-Sealing ring40 JBHG4-332 (cleat cylinder)
Bearing 6306 GB / T276 (soon-variable box, 72x30x19)
Bearing RNA JB / T3588 (wheel, 42x28.7x22)
Гильза D140 RS11309.05.020/RS-F1600
J-Sealing ringD1 JB / ZQ42 (cleat cylinder)
Star gear Z29 , р 44,45 P3500504AA
Driveshaft 2261ННТ L= 2330 5000700994
Pressure gauge (NPT1 / 4) 3800200005
Dryer (24V) 5402650803
Dryer Assembly ZAA
O-ring40x3 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
O-ring75x5 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
Bearing 22219С 4500100328
Star gear; Z21 , р 44,45 P3500505AA
Tire-type pneumatic clutch ATD -218Н ZAA
O-ring 90х3, 55 5300102008
Collar PG100х130х12 5300200657
Collar PG240х280х20 5300200661
O-ring95x3 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
O-ring120x3 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
Втулка D170 RS11306A.05.18.00
Crownblock ZAA
Проушина для ВСП ZAA
Lower chain transmission ZAA
Output shaft P2400028AA
Packing / Seal Kit 4" 30123440-PK
WASH PIPE 4" 30123438
WASH PIPE, ASSY, 4"BORE TDS, 7500 PSI 30123440
Repair Kit – Soft Seals, lower for IBOP 30177550-1
Check valve board 4900450098
Sealing ring FB260 * 300 * 20 5300200666
Gland PG 130 * 160 * 15 5300200654
O-ring F103 * 2.65 5300102005
Intermediate Valve Board 4900450107
Intake Valve Board 4900450089
Working valve board 4900450093
Gland PG 120 * 150 * 14 5300200660
Repair Kit – Soft Seals, upper for IBOP 30177549-1
Yx-Sealing ring d120 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
Yx-Sealing ring d75 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
Yx-Sealing ring d40 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
Yx-Sealing ring d100 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
J-Sealing ring40 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
ELEMENT, FILTER 30111013-1
Filter Element 92537-E-216
Packing / Seal Kit 4" article № 30111013-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
J-Sealing ring100 JB / ZQ42 (front cylinder)
O-ring30x3 Manual communication valve
O-ring18x2.4 Manual communication valve
O-ring 125x3,1 JB / ZQ42 24-97 (Hydromechanical motor)
O-ring 200x5,7 JB / ZQ42 24-97 (Hydromechanical motor)
A459.16 Spring washer
A459a.18 Upper sealing ring
A459.19.0 Discharge Pipe Laying
packer SD65x90x12 HG4-692-67 (Hydromechanical motor)
O-ring 75x5.7 JB / ZQ42 24-97 (Hydraulic cylinder available)
WASH PIPE 4" article № 30123438. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
Braking device assy. XJFH-5/35-5000
Brake band XJFH-5/35-5500
A459.20 Upper pressure cover
A459а.21 Discharge pipe
A459.9 Bottom pressure cover
XJFH-5/35-5000х brake band
A459a.6 Hairpin M20x73
A459а.39 Main bearing
GB297-84 Bearing 2007934
A459.17 O-ring O-ring
WASH PIPE, ASSY, 4"BORE TDS, 7500 PSI article № 30123440. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
O-ring35x3.1 JB / ZQ42 24-97 (Hydraulic Cylinder)
Yx-Sealing ring d40 JB / ZQ42 (Attached hydraulic cylinder)
Square aperture ring 75x6,3 GB / T151 42,4-94 (Hydraulic Cylinder Lift)
Directional ring 75x6,3 GB / T151 42,4-94 (Hydraulic Cylinder)
A459a.22 Lower box collar
A459а.25 M10x9 fixing screw
A459.23 Spacer ring
GB1152-74 Cap oiler M10x1
Repair Kit – Soft Seals, lower for IBOP article № 30177550-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
Jaw 5 (168,28mm) complete with dies Р1700794АА
Jaw 5 1/2 (177.8mm) complete with dies Р1700795АА
A459.24 Spacer ring
A459.26 Spacer ring
A459.27 Drilling mud umbrella
Repair Kit – Soft Seals, upper for IBOP article № 30177549-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
LINER,STABILIZER article № 30125012. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
Втулка бимет.d170 GH3161-05.21/3NB-1300F
Jaw 8 (203,0mm) complete with dies Р1700796АА
Jaw 3 1/2 (127mm) complete with dies
Jaw 4 1/2 (146mm) complete with dies
Втулка бимет.d150 GH3161-05.21/3NB-1300F
Цилиндр в сб. GH3161-05.01.00/3NB-1600F
Filter Element article № 92537-E-216. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
Balloon 1000-21.00.3 RGF
Ballon 800-09.00 RGF
Mudguard 800-04.07 RGF
The cylinder sleeve1300-05.23 / 23B RGF
Ring 1000-05.20 RGF
GB283-81 Bearing 32130
A459a.45A Bottom sleeve
Bushing for air winch XJFH-5/35-2014, load capacity 5 t
Piston ring XJFH-5/35-206-207
Retaining ring1300-03-10 RGF
Bimet.d150 GH3161-05.21 / 3NB-1300F bushing
Piston 170 GH3161-
Valve GH3161-05.11.00 b.nas. Honghua
Bimet.d150 GH3161-05.21 / 3NB-1300F bushing
Sealing ring 800-04.06 RGF
Valve Spring 1000-05.16 RGF
Sealing frame800-03.10 RGF
Seal of the valve cover 1000-05.09 RGF
Clamp assembly800-05.04.00 rgf
Piston rod 1300-05.19.03 RGF
PACKER, RAM, 5 INCHOD PIPE, 13-5 / 8 INCH 3/5 / 10M
Packing gland B95x120x12 GB13871-92 GB13871-92
Brake pad YJ3.1-25
Piston ring XJFH-5/35-2016 / 2017
Hose flexible JQH-PUW0805
Gasket XJFH-5/35-2015
ELEMENT, FILTER article No. 30111013-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
FILTER, ASSEMBLY article No. 82747. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
cylinder cover XJFH-5/35-2019
Punching oil seal 119x 85 T3201030 55
Punching spring washer assembly 75x 5 T3201030511
Centering roller 90 T23031532
Pressure roller 90 T423031532
Accumulator 100 MB01100
Lubricating oil filter assembly 255x150x127 T23031600
Tachometer 0-250rpm 0-10V 40050090
Pressure gauge 0-60KN.m//45Klb 0-10V 45Klb45Klb, two scales 0-10V 40050091
7-pin connector 10A DT01220000
Slip oil filter for transmissions 115115G YQ0204056
Friction disc 138x80x14 W0605001W0605001
Gear 83.5x37.5 T754020207
Transmission filter Fax100x100
Hydraulic filter F63-Hx63x10
Ball valve small roller F40 / 22x26 (China) T7540202016
Speed indicator 50050090 (China) 40050090
Punching pipe assembly T3201030500
Distributor gear of air winch XJFH5/35-1000 assy
Repair Kit, -Complete, lower article № 30177550-2. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
Repair Kit, - Complete, upper article № 30177549-2. catalog M611002660-SPL-001
pneumoengine air winch XJFH-5/35, load capacity 5 t
XJFH-5/35-3007 clutch lever
Gasket XJFH-5/35-1016
Blowout preventer repair kit DQ20B WB05B108
BOP seal set 108/84 MB05B108
Tilting ring cylinder seal set 80/50 MB04080
Liquid cylinder seal set IBOP 63/36 MB05063
Ring 250t W03250096
Spring retaining ring hole D = 68 B11068
Liquid cylinder IBOP 147x260 40B0202012
Ball valve large pulley 52 T T7540202017
Ball valve small pulley 40 T7540202016
Back clamp outer circlip 221/213х7,5 T754020525
Back clamp inner circlip 213/206 х7,5 T754020526
Drill pipe slip 3 1/2" 206 х138х92 T7540205101
Drill rod plate 5" 206 х138х70 T754020510А1
Drill pipe guide ring 3 1/2" 208/150х36 T754020528B
Pipe clamp sealing pin 38х284 lkz CDG 2004,2005 T754020512
Stud pinching nail T754020505 10х64х25T754020505 10х64х25
Pressure plate 8х60х22 T754020501
Pipe clamp pin 38х284 T754020506
Dental plate W05120 120х32х13 W05120 120х32х13
Pipe clamp plate bolt M14х1.5х50 T754020522
Pipe clamp jaw bolt M14х1.5х58 T754020522
Pipe clamp rocker bolt M14х1.5х72 T754020522
Hexagon round head screw М6х8 B02006020
Gear pump HGP-3A -F1 4R -2B YB040014
China Resources Motor М2JА80М6Р YB060.54
Air filter EF3-40 YQ0202040100
Radial seal 140х170х15 M09140
Pair of heavy liquid cylinder assembly 328x108 20010104
Complete set of heavy cylinder seals MB07080
Radial seal 210 M09210
Center tube 85х185 T320103054


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