Ultrasonic Coating Systems

Ultrasonic spray coating systemwhich includes ultrasonic spray nozzle, ultrasonic generator, liquid delivery system, automatic motion system, heating system, exhaust system, etc. is an equipment for ultrasonic spray deposition of homogenous, durable, repeatable thin film coatings. Compared with vapor deposition and sputter depostion, ultrasonic coatingcan significantly reduce the intial investment on the facility cost. Compared with conventional spray coating using air nozzles, non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle technology dramatically decreases the comsuption of raw materials as well as the maintenance cost.

Ultrasonic Spray Coating SystemBenefits

Up to 80% reduction in raw material consumption with reduced overspray and splashing.

Uniform atomized droplets deposit homogeneous coating layers.

Precise spray patterns are easily shaped for a variety of applications.

Highly controllable flow rate provides greater repeatability.

Non-clogging ultrasonic spray nozzle reduces maintenance cost and downtime.

Ultra-low flow rate capabilities, intermittent or continuous.

Ultrasonic vibrations continuously disperse the particles to avoid suspensions agglomerating.

Capable of coating with very small minimum liquid volume. Optimal for R&D scale.

High corrosive resistance.

How Ultrasonic Spray CoatingSystems Work

It is a unique spray coating process using ultrasonic atomizationtechnology. The raw material to be coated is firstly prepared into solution or suspension. The solution or suspension is uniformly atomized into fine droplets in micron scale through an ultrasonic atomizer called ultrasonic spray nozzle. Droplets deposit onto the surface of the substrate by carrier gas in a controllable flow rate, so as to form a coating layer. The ultrasonic spray depositionamount can be precisely controlled by controlling of the flow rate of the solution or suspension using liquid feeding system, which results in the coating thickness is highly controllable.

The typical coating thickness of ultrasonic spray coating machine technique is from tens of nanometers to tens of microns. The liquid feeding system is usually a precision metering pump such as syringe pump, micro gear pump, etc. The ultrasonic spray nozzle which is the core of ultrasonic coating systemis fixed on an automatic motion system such as XYZ 3-axis robot arm or 6-axis robot arm to realize a scanning onto the 2-dimension or 3-dimension substrate, consequently a uniform thin film layer is coated on the substrate surface. Alternatively, one fixed nozzle array consisting of some ultrasonic nozzles spraying onto moving substrates is another typical type of ultrasonic spray coatersystem for volume production or the application of large area coating process.

Siansonic ultrasonic coating systems such as the benchtop coating system have already been used for various of applications in different industries such as implantable medical devices, fuel cells, solar cells, semiconductors, microfluidic chips, glass, etc. which are demonstrated in the video as below.

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