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products informationAluminum plate with a thickness of 0.2mm to 500mm, 200mm width, length less than 16m aluminum material called aluminum plate or aluminum sheet, aluminum is below 0.2mm, 200mm within the width of the row material or bar (of course, with the progress of the large equipment, the width can be 600mm row material also more). Refers to the rectangular plate with aluminum ingot rolling processing, divided into pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, thin aluminum plate, aluminum plate pattern aluminum.●SpecificationsAluminum: margin;silicon: 0.25;Copper: 0.10;magnesium: 2.8 ~ 2.2;Zinc: 0.10; manganese: 0.10;Cr: 0.15 ~ 0.35; iron: 0.40.Tensile strength: 170 ~ 305MPaConditional yield strength (MPa = 65) 0.2Modulus of elasticity (E): 69.3 ~ 70.7GpaThe annealing temperature is 345.Size as customer's requirementsAluminium plates are generally divided into two types:1 according to the composition of the alloy:High purity aluminum (from the content of more than 99.9 of high pure aluminum rolling)Pure aluminum (the composition is basically rolled by pure aluminum)Aluminum alloy (composed by aluminum and alloy auxiliary usually aluminum copper, aluminum manganese, silicon aluminum, aluminum and magnesium, etc.)Composite aluminum brazing sheet (or special purpose aluminum material composite material through a variety of means)Aluminum aluminum (aluminum coated outside the thin aluminum sheet used for special purposes)2 according to the thickness: (unit mm)Thin plate (sheet aluminum) 0.15-2.0Conventional plate (sheet aluminum) 2.0-6.0Medium plate (plate 6.0-25.0) aluminumThick plate (plate aluminum) 25-200Five bar pattern aluminum plateFive bar pattern aluminum plateOver 200 thick plate●Main Usage√Aluminium Sheet can apply to Lighting,solar reflective film,building  √appearance,interior decorating:Ceilings,walls, furniture,cabinets,elevators, signs,√nameplates,bags,automotive interior and exterior decoration Upholstery:Photo√Frame;household appliances:refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc.√aerospace and military aspects, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing,the √spacecraft series,satellite.the mechanical parts processing,mold √making,chemical/thermal insulation pipes coated.●Related Service◇Pre-Sales ServiceInquiry and consulting support; Sample testing support;View our Factory;◇After-Sales ServiceFestival gifts;Always friendly;Long-terms cooperation;●PackageIn bulk;As customer's requirements;●Delivery DateWithin 15 days after payment●Paymet We prefer TT. And also support other payment terms.Maintenance and maintenance The specific cleaning steps of the aluminum plate are as follows:1, the first flush with plenty of water board surface;2, use soft cloth soaked wipe surface by water diluted detergent gently;3, with plenty of water washing board, will wash away the dirt;4, check the board, for there is no clean place with detergent cleaning key;5, rinse with water surface, until all wash detergent.Note: do not wash the hot plate (temperature above 40 degrees C), because of excessive moisture evaporation is harmful to surface paint!Special need to pay attention to, please choose the appropriate detergent, a basic principle is: be sure to use a neutral detergent! Please do not use strong alkaline detergent such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, strong acid detergent, abrasive detergent and detergent soluble paint.


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