They are also known as ‘shallow pot magnet with countersunk hole’. They are one of the most regular bought pot magnets. One reason that people like to use them is that they are friendly in mounting. By using a flat-head screw bolt you are good to go!

Application of Countersunk Pot Magnet

Common use includes fastening them in workshop, garage to hold tools, or in the basement on the wall in front of your working table to hold small gadgets. Besides, the plastic cased countersunk pot magnet is decorative with its white color and you might want to use them in, such as, office, showroom.

They can be used as bases --- put in a flat head screw and screw something on with matching thread on the other side such as a warning light, for example.

If you need them to be tailored to some extent to match your unique application situation feel free to let us know and we will be glad to develop something for you.

Technical Advantages

Powerful products and great reliability is what we always pursue. This idea is embodied in every piece of our products. From designing, testing, improving we try to minimize every possible defect and put in practice what’s effective in product optimization. Crucial characteristics such as dimensions, coating quality, holding force are controlled by quantified standards and all the data are kept for years.

Based on most regular shape of countersunk pot magnet we have developed new versions: plastic cased countersunk pot magnet, oval shape countersunk pot magnet. They are not just simple extension of original design by adding extra component where the oval shape countersunk pot magnet has a total different magnetic circuit design to reach much higher force than its peer in round shape of similar diameter. This new design allows less use of magnet and thus gives user the benefit of cheaper price.

Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd is a China-based company and a foremost custom magnet manufacturerof the most comprehensive range of best custom magnetslocally and internationally. When all efforts are concentrated on one point it is a matter of time to make a difference. We hold this belief in our work and have been dedicated in magnetic assembly ever since 2010. With accumulated experience we built up our expertise in magnet manufacturing, engineering of pot magnets, hook magnets, channel magnets —magnet assemblies that made out of a combination of magnet & metal, magnet & plastic or magnet & rubber.


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