Graphite crucible for aluminum evaporation

Graphite crucible for vacuum aluminium plating, evaporation boat) Price concessions we provides Graphite crucible for vacuum aluminium plating, mainly for vacuum evaporation aluminium film. density of graphite crucible reach 1,9g/cm3. It greatly improves the oxidation resistance and service life of the crucible without cracking, generally more than 25 times, up to 80 times. Size:120 *120; 120 *110; 135 *120 and special specifications can be made according to customer requirements. The company uses patent technology with intellectual property rights to treat graphite materials with anti-oxidation and anti-leakage, which greatly improves the oxidation resistance, bulk density, flexural and compressive strength of graphite crucibles, enhances corrosion resistance, hardness, reduces porosity and permeability, and greatly weakens molten aluminium and gaseous aluminium molecules. Anti-oxidation, non-overflow, non-cracking, non-aluminizing, good evaporation effect, long service life, the average use of furnace to 18,600 meters, coil 50-60 times, 24,000 meters, coil 40-50 times, production of 12,500 meters, coil, 10,000 meters, coil, 9000 meters, coil, 5000 meters, the number of coil stoves will also be greatly improved.


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