Conformable, low hardness

Excellent compressible

Good electrical insualtion

Low strain for delicate components


EV battery pack

Automotive electronics

Digital disk drives


Industrial and medical equipment


This series of products are ultra conformable, suitable for large institutional design tolerances. Ultra conformable under low pressure. Low oil leakage for long-term service device which vertically placed and self-tacky for easy assembly, self tacky never recede. No corrosive to metal, enviromentallu friendly,comply with RoHS, SS-00259 and IPC/JEDEC J-STD-709 regulation.

GLPOLY XK-P20 thermal gap padhas beenrecognized and adopted by many leading enterprises inautomotive electronics and EVbattery pack,such asSiemens(Changzhou),GAC NE, Wangxiang A123System,Xiaokang Motor, Lixiang Motor, Leap Motor,NIO Motor and more.

1. Thermal conductivity 2.0-3.0W/mK, performances are customized according to requirements;

2. Ultra conformable to component, improving thermal contact;

3. Deforms under low compression force, decreasing stress on component thus decreasing component failures;

4. Wets out surface, decreasing contact thermal resistance, improving heat transfer;

5. Applied to EV battery pack of Wangxiang A123 system and NIO Motor for over 5 years;

6. Proven reliability in accelerated aging test and thermal shock;

GLPOLY thermal gap pad has been applied to EV battery pack of NIO Motorin volume production with proven reliability in extreme temperature cycling and thermal shock. GLPOLY participated the design ofthermal management solution and developed thermal gap padsuiting application.


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