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ShenzhenAiostarElectronicsCo., Ltd(Hereinafter “AIOSTAR”) is a high-tech enterprises with research and development, production and sales, and also has close cooperation with Intel, AMD, VIA, Rockchip, amlogic and some other chip’s manufacturers.

We specialized in Industrial motherboards(ITX/3.5’/NANO…) , Media play computer, OPS computer, BOX-PC, Network security hardware platform, Server, Tablet Personal Computer, All-in-one workstation and etc. Currently, our products has been widely used in DS, MIDS, IWB, POS, Self-service, Retail Finance, Industrial Automation, Intelligent Transportation System, Network Information Security, Communications, Smart Security, Cloud terminal computing, Petroleum and Petrochemical, Medical, Military Equipment and etc. We pay highly attention to client’s requirement and satisfaction, which can make active response for any different request and OEM/ODM service.