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Shanghai TSURE Industry Co., Ltd

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This company--TSURE,was established in 2016, located in Shanghai, for convenient import and export.

Housewares(like moisture &mold proof, deodorant desiccants, daily healthy care & protection items), Gifts & Promotional Items(including normal and OEM items) are our main product.

TSURE people always hold the faith that: "Trust First, Cooperation Second", "Quality First, Order Second", "Customers First, Stuff Second", we are doing our best to constantly supply qualified products and services, create extra value for every customers.

Leading by the cogitation of this new century, inherit and carry forward the essence of Chinese traditional culture, this Enthusiasm, Positive, Creative and Young team is ready to take the glorious and arduous mission that this age has given to them, fight for a better future.


10gram non-woven silica gel desiccant pack
10gram non-woven silica gel desiccant pack Do you got these problems? Did you ever receivestuffs full of mildew and odor? Did you worried about yourcargo safety when exporting? Did you ev...