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HENAN SI&C CO., LTD has focused on top quality polyurethane parts and urethane products for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation,Website:, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the polyurethane industry in China.


Ceramics Grade Green SiC Powder
Ceramics Grade Green SiC Powder Green silicon carbide is made of petroleum coke and high-quality quartz sand as the main raw material and salt as additive. It is gotten by high te...
Green Silicon Carbide Powder For Wire Sawing
Green Silicon Carbide Powder For Wire Sawing ChemicalSiC: 98.5%,Website:, F.C: 0.15%, Fe2O3: 0.15%GritJIS1000#, JIS1200#, JIS1500#PropertiesHigh Strength, High Intensity, Superior Chemical Ine...
Refractory Grade Silicon Carbide
Refractory Grade Silicon Carbide Black silicon carbide is made of quartz sand,Website:, petroleum coke (or coal) and wood chips as raw materials through a resistance furnace with h...
Ceramics Grade Silicon Carbide
Ceramics Grade Silicon Carbide SiC: 98.5% F.C: 0.15%Fe2O3: 0.20%Grit: F360,Website:, F400, F500, F600Properties: High thermal shock resistance, Low thermal expansion, Superior St...
Abrasives Grade Silicon Carbide
Abrasives Grade Silicon Carbide Chemical CompositionSiC: 98.5% F.C: 0.15%Fe2O3: 0.20%Grit: F12-F220Properties: Excellent hardness, High strength, Superior chemical inertnessApplic...