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Toppo Lighting Company Limitedis one of the professional manufacturers specializing in the development, production and sales of LED lighting. As a global LED manufacturer, we have various series of LED lighting, including: Led Smart Lights, Led Panel Lights, LED Batten Lights, LED Tube Lights, LED Tri-Proof Lights, LED Linear Lights, LED 2D Bulkheads, LED Wall Lights, LED Down Lights, LED Ceiling Lights, Led Track Light, etc. All of our products are widely used by customers in the following fields: Commercial Lighting, Industrial lighting, Architecture lighting, Indoor and outdoor lighting, LED city lighting, Stage lighting, etc.

LED Tube Lights & LED Tri-proof Lights are our hot selling products. OurTop Replacement T8 tube Nano LED tubesare commonly used to illuminate garages, factories, large space rooms, offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, parking lots, storage areas, and more. It can be used in both parabolic and indirect lighting fixtures. OurSupermarket LED tube for Meatis energy-efficient alternatives to fluorescent tubes. They have better color rendering with less maintenance required.They also have a service life of more than 50,000 hours, and burn less frequently. Since our lamp change frequency is low, you will not waste any more time buying and replacing lamps.

Luminaires with Plastic Tri-proof Lightis suitable for indoor / outdoor wet and dusty environments. For example, ourLED Vapor Tight Garage Light Fixture 4 Foot 40Wis customized for the garage environment. Its body weight is very light. It has good flame resistance and is not easy to rust. The lamp body is made of high-quality materials with high light transmittance. It is locked by ABS and stainless steel.Patent Aluminum Case LED Tri-proof Lightis suitable for LED lamps, with ceiling and hanging installation for options.

LED panel light is an elegant and high-end indoor lighting. Its outer frame consists of anodized aluminum. The whole light is bright and luxurious. Not only does it have a good lighting effect, but it can also bring a good atmosphere. Therefore it has a wide range of applications. It can be used for commercial lighting, restaurants and hotels, shopping malls, office lighting, retail and grocery stores, showrooms, airports, warehouse lighting, galleries, hospitals, warehouses, supermarket lighting, institutional buildings, etc. OurPrismatic LED Panel Light SchoolsandLow Glare School Panel LED Lightsare suitable for schools.Office Low Glare LED Panel Lightsare suitable for offices.Standard Range LED Panel for Retailsis sufficient for general occasions, andHigh End Extra Thin Aluminum Frame LED Panelis used for high-end occasions. They can also have many special designs.New Design LED Track Light Panelneeds to be installed on a matching track, it is the best accent lighting, especially in retail and showroom areas.Special LED Panel Light with Motion Sensoruses isolated power and is driven by constant current or constant voltage. Its high power efficiency, no pollution to the power grid, stable performance, safe and reliable.Recessed LED Ceiling Panel Lightadopts high-quality light-reflecting reflector and sealed design, combining high-efficiency light guide plate and aluminum alloy material to achieve uniform lighting effect and higher illumination.Round Triac Dimming LED Panel Lightis made of high-quality materials, and its brightness can be adjusted by triac. The LED passes through the light-transmitting plate with high light transmittance, forming a very uniform planar light-emitting effect. We also haveHigh Power 40w LED Panel Lightwhich adopts high-efficiency, low power consumption, and stable power control chips to meet various domestic and foreign standards.

Our LED linear / batten lights are uniquely designed. It has no glare and is eye-friendly. They are sold at more competitive prices than conventional linear lamps.Low glare linear LED lightuses a cold light source with low glare and no radiation or harmful substances in use.LED linear Trunking System with Narrow Light Moduleis an electro-optic conversion system. The electro-optical conversion process starts from the power supply part, including the original power supply, power management and conversion, sensing and control, driver, thermal management, LED and its light mixing, scattering and optical extraction.Low Glare Dimming LED batten Light Fixtureis environmental protection. It is recyclable, free of mercury and other harmful substances, and free of harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays.80 Degree LED linear Light Fixtureadopts high transmittance diffuse PMMA light control cover, which has high light transmittance, uniform light emission and good anti-glare effect. Its reflector uses imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high energy output. We also have8ft Vapor Proof LED batten Lightsuitable for bedroom, dining room, office, etc.

Linear High Bay Track Panel Lighthas a uniformly illuminated and hermetically designed reflective panel combined with a highly efficient light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. It has a movable track that can easily adjust the position of the light to illuminate different places.100W Rod Mount LED High Bay Lightuses imported chips and optimized LED packaging structure to achieve low light attenuation, high light efficiency and energy saving effects. It uses a transparent structural design to optimize the heat dissipation structure to ensure the life of the lamp.Motion Sensor LED Slim down Lightis made of premium materials. Compared with the luminous effect of traditional light sources, it is a low-voltage microelectronic product that successfully combines computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology and embedded control technology.Multi Watt LED Recessed down Lightis a lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. Its design maintains the overall uniformity and perfection of the building decoration without destroying the lighting settings. The light source is hidden inside the building decoration, which is non-glare and brings a soft and uniform visual effect.

Bulkhead Light LED for houseuses advanced light distribution technology to expand the LED point light source into a surface light source, which greatly increases the light emitting surface, eliminates glare, sublimates visual effects and eliminates visual fatigue. Suitable for bedroom, dining room, office, etc.LED Bulkheads with Micro Wave Sensorsuse high-quality LEDs as light sources and are usually installed indoors. The bulbs are designed to be flat on the top and installed near the roof. The color of the light can be changed via the built-in controller of the microcomputer.LED strip light fixture with PIR sensoris equipped with PIR sensor, which can automatically control the operation of the light. It can be customized to meet the different requirements of customers, and has won praise from customers due to its high cost performance and excellent performance.Multiple Link LED Vapor Lighthas a flexible design and its LED is a point illuminator. Designers can design various light sources with different shapes and particles according to the flexible combination of point, line, and plane.

OurShopping Track Lighting Replace Halogen Track Lightingis a track-like light that can be adjusted at any angle. It is usually used as a spotlight where accent lighting is required.Energy Star Surface Mounted LED Lightuses SMD low-power LEDs to promote heat dissipation and improve the uniformity of lighting. It is usually equipped with ballasts and ring lamps. Ballasts can increase the light efficiency of lamps and systems, and can immediately start and extend lamp life.Compact Design LED College Fittingis particularly suitable for the production and decoration of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outlines and billboards.Metal Ring Flat Ceiling Lightuses a high-strength alloy housing for special surface coating and sealing to extend service life. It does not contain harmful substances such as mercury and is harmless to the environment. It uses constant current drive, no flicker, which does no harm to the eyes And ourSurface Mounted Mushroom LED Ceiling Lighthas a slim profile, complete heat dissipation, low power consumption and low heat. Its spectrum is free of ultraviolet and infrared light, and you can safely touch it, which is a typical green lighting source.

Our factory provides the latest LED Lights made in China at a competitive price. Welcome to contact us for customized services.


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