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GS-JJ is a company specializing in the production of custom lapel pins.

Their mission is to provide customers with quality and cheap hat pins! And provide free art and transportation. Their custom lapel pins no minimum limit for your number of pins.

Their product range includes: hat lapel pins / flower lapel pins / custom enamel pins / hard enamel pins / sandblast pins / 3D or hollow pins / vintage pins / offset printing pins and quick pins etc.

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Cup Boy Custom Enamel Pins
Cup Boy Custom Enamel Pins Check out our newly-designedCup Boy Custom Enamel Pins, our cup boy is a very lively boy. TheCustom Pinsis made of the selected jeweler's alloy wit...
Caps Custom Enamel Pins
Caps Custom Enamel Pins Thehat lapel Pinsis a typical soft enamel pin; it is one of the popular styles of Lapel Pins. The three rows of CAPS images are stamped in the high...
Custom Lapel Pins for Pineapple
Custom Lapel Pins for Pineapple I know so many people must like eatting pineapple like me . It is so delicious.Pineapple originated in the tropics.The custom lapel pins for pineap...
Sun Flower Lapel Pins
Sun Flower Lapel Pins Let’s have a look attheSun Flower Lapel Pins. Do you like the sunflowers? The sunflowers are named due to they often open facing the sun. Our...
Potting Custom Lapel Pins
Potting Custom Lapel Pins Start your Enamel Pins collection with ourPotting Custom Lapel Pins. The Custom Lapel Pins is made with a tiptop fine metal, crafted from soft enam...
Soft enamel for digital lapel pins
Soft enamel for digital lapel pins This hard enamel lapel pins for Digital 7 is die struck from a premium quality metal. Our hard enamel lapel pins for Digital 7 are hand filled with...
For Harmony Custom Enamel Pins
For Harmony Custom Enamel Pins is a kind ofmotto pin for ourcustomer. OurFor Harmony Custom Enamel Pinsis made bysoft enamel pinswith dye blue finishwhich is a very fresh and sim...
Fanboy3 Quality Enamel Pins
Fanboy3 Quality Enamel Pins , fanboy3 is the most popular gaming destination the popular pins craft in our company with workmanship is exquisite and looks exce...