F Turntable body

Housing (single) FZ897.1.2
Housing (double) FZ902.1
Liquid cylinder FZ897.1.5
Piston FZ897.1.9
Piston seal FZ897.1.8
Right liquid cover FZ897.1.10
Left liquid cover FZ897.1.1
Locking shaft FZ897.1.7
Piston lock cap FZ897.1.11
Hinge seat F9301.07
Locating pin RJ11148.06
Manual control assembly F751.17.00
F751.14.21 thrust sleeve
F751.14.20 W seal
F751.14.19 pressure ring
F751.14.18 Dust ring seat
F751.14.17 Dust ring
RJ11148.12 NPT 1 plug
RJ11148.13 compression screw plug
RJ11148.14.00 check valve
RJ11148.21 with hole plug ZG1/2"
FZ897.1.14 pressure ring
FZ897.1.12 W-type seal
FZ897.1.13 pressure ring
FZ897.1.14 support seal
FZ897.1.30 Y-ring seal
Gate assembly F751.14.24.00
Gate assembly F751.
Gate assembly F751.
Sealed half ring F751.
Sealed half ring F751.
Sealed half ring F751.
Sealed half ring F751.
Gate body F751.14.24.01
Gate body F751.
Gate body F751.
Gate body F751.
Gate body F751.
Gate body F751.
Gate assembly FZ897.21.02.00
Gate assembly FZ897.21.10.00
Gate assembly FZ897.21.08.00
Gate assembly FZ897.21.09.00
Gate assembly FZ897.21.13.00
Gate assembly FZ897.21.11.00
Gate assembly RS11172.16.00
Top seal FZ897.21.01
Top seal RS11172.16.03
Front seal RJ11148.09.01.02
Front seal RJ11148.09.08.02
Front seal RJ11148.09.02.02
Front seal RJ11148.09.03.02
Front seal RJ11148.09.16.02
Front seal RJ11148.09.13.02
Gate body FZ897-21-03.03

China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd

/>Gate body FZ897-21-04.03
Gate body FZ897-21-10.03
Gate body FZ897-21-05.03
Gate body FZ897-21-06.03
Gate body FZ897-21-07.03
Gate body FZ897-21-10.03
Gate body FZ897-21-08.03
Gate body FZ897-21-09.03
Gate body FZ897-21-13.03
Gate body FZ897-21-11.03
Gate body RS11172.16.01
11190.01.00 Shear gate assembly
FZ97.1 gate shaft seal
11190.02 right flange
F751.14.18 Locking shaft seal
11190.03 right cylinder head
11190.04 Locking shaft
FZ897.1.11 piston lock cap
11172.14 piston
11190.01 shear gate valve assembly
11190.01.01 Shearing the upper gate body
11190.01.03 Shear upper gate rubber core
11190.01.02 Cutting the lower gate body
11190.01.04 Cutting the lower gate rubber core
Nut M30×3 11706.07
Vertebrae pin 11132.14
Shaft shaft 11132.09
Side door shaft seal 11132.1
Left side door 11132.11A
Left side door 11132.03A
Side door stud 11132.04A
Liquid cylinder 11132.02
Piston FZ897.1.9
Piston seal FZ897.1.8
Right cylinder head 11132.17
Left cylinder head 11172.01
Nut 11132.05
Stud 11132.16A
F751.14.21 Outrigger bushing
F751.14.20 W-shaped seal
F751.14.19 pressure ring
F751.14.18 Dust ring seat
F751.14.17 Dust ring
11148.12 NPT 1 plug
11148.13 compression screw plug
11148.14.00 check valve
11148.21 hole plug ZG1/2"
FZ897.1.14 pressure ring
FZ897.1.12 W-shaped seal
FZ897.1.13 pressure ring
FZ897.1.14 support seal
Gate assembly 11132.30.01.00
Gate assembly 11132.30.02.00
Gate assembly 11132.30.03.00
Gate assembly 11132.30.04.00
Gate assembly 11132.30.05.00
Gate assembly 11132.30.13.10
Gate assembly 11132.30.16.11
Gate assembly 11132.30.14.00
Gate assembly 11132.30.15.00
Top seal 1132.30.01.03
Gate assembly 11132.08.03.00
Gate assembly 11132.08.02.00
Gate assembly 11132.08.04.00
Gate assembly 11132.08.01.00
Top seal 11132.08.01.03
Front seal 11132.30.01.02
Front seal 11132.30.02.02
Front seal 11132.30.03.02
Front seal 11132.30.04.02
Front seal 11132.30.05.02
Front seal 11132.30.06.02
Front seal 11132.30.07.02
Front seal 11132.08.03.02
Front seal 11132.08.02.02
Front seal 11132.08.04.02
Front seal 11132.08.01.02
Gate body 11132.30.01.01
Gate body 11132.30.02.01
Gate body 11132.30.03.01
Gate body 11132.30.04.01
Gate body 11132.30.05.01
Gate body 11132.30.14.01
Gate body 11132.30.15.01
Gate body 11132.08.03.01
Gate body 11132.08.02.01
Gate body 11132.08.04.01
Gate body 11132.08.01.01
Gate holder 11132.08.01.04A
Gate screw 11132.08.01.05A
F chassis
F Cover
F Turntable body
F Large gear Z81
hexagon socket head cap screws
Spring washer
F Foreign core
FG1 Inner core
FG2 Inner core
FG3 inner square core
FG4 inner core
FG5 inner square core
FG6 inner core
F Adjusting gasket
F pinion
Spring washer
F key
F key

F Bushing
F Bushing
sealing ring
F Adjusting the gasket
F Adjustment gasket
Spring washer
F gland
F key
F Plugging
F Oil dipstick
F Plugging
F baffle
F Adjusting the gasket
F Lower bearing end cap
F Sealing sleeve
Flat washer
socket head cap screws
1 Fully automatic tubing magnetic flux leakage detector MLT-I-A
3 radioactive logging instrument DLLTB
4 radioactive logging tool SCG-70A-03
5 radioactive logging tool DPZ-38C-02
6 radioactive logging tool DCG150-38C
7 Sound amplitude and density logging tool SCG-70A-01
8 Integrated logging tool SF-II
9 Dual lateral logging tool DLLT-B
10 drilling time logging instrument ZSY2000-DTW
11 Comprehensive logging instrument SK-2000C
12 CNC logging ground instrument PSK-E
13 CNC logging ground instrument NDLS-3000
14 CNC logging ground instrument NDLS-3000J
15 depth gauge DSK-A
16 Portable CNC Logging Surface Instrument VCT-2000BX
17 CNC logging ground instrument SKD-3000
18 Magnetic Positioning Logging Tool SCG-70A-02
19 Well temperature logging tool DPZ-38C-03
20 drilling monitor ZJ50D
21 drilling monitor ZJ70D
22 flange metal hose YZJR/100X18
23 flange metal hose 25R50A44213
24 flange metal hose YZJR25/200X
25 depth transmitter SQ691
27 perforating wellhead motor SQ691
28 extension rod SQR22-3 60
29 inclinometer copper joint SQR16
30 inclinometer non-magnetic sensor LHSR-05
31 Single Point Inclinometer Camera LHSR-01
38 mud specific gravity meter NB-1
39 Remote Transmission Code and Magnetic Locator DPZ-38C-01
40 Plug Valve SPM1502-105
41 Electronic Ignition XDZ-3-1135
42 Oil and Gas Display Analyzer YQZF-II
44 automatic perforation thermal plotter PTEX275
45 automatic perforating circuit circuit backup board SSQ-B
46 compass LHSR-08
47 compass LHSR-07
48 single point timer LHSR-03
49 single point film LHSR-35
50 production meter assembly JLS-Ф 25
51 current collector assembly JLS-Ф 25
52 production meter housing JLS-Ф 25
53 capacitor tube JLS-Ф 25
54 small hose JLS-Ф 25
55 collector ring JLH-C
56 fixed sensor SF-II
57 timer 200JD-96h
58 stirrer JJ-1 160W
59 rubber hanger LHSR-17
60 refrigerator BLY-1B
61 shock absorber EA-60
62 rock carbonate analyzer TSY-1
63 hand pump SZT5
64 neutron generator short section SMJ-D
65 self-aligning machine ND404
66 connector SPM1502-105
67 thermal plotter ST820
68-day car warning bumper TJF-B
69 sodium iodide scintillation crystal ST1111G
70-angle travel switch type electric actuator ZJDK/L-140
71 angular travel switch type electric actuator ZJDK/T-140
72-angle travel switch type electric actuator ZJDK/L-200
73 angular travel switch type electric actuator ZJDK/T-200
74-angle stroke switch type electric actuator ZJDK/L-565
75-angle stroke switch type electric actuator ZJDK/T-565
76 high temperature pressure gauge YDYD-150-70
77 high precision pressure gauge YDYC-60-0.5
92 magnetic single point inclinometer DZX-2 35mm
93 single point non-magnetic sensor DZX-2 44mm
96 single point compass DZX-2 90°
97 single point compass DZX-410000
102 integrated single point photo inclinometer SQE-BΦ45
103 magnetic multi-point photo inclinometer CDX-D 45mm
104 electronic multi-point inclinometer PSS-1 Φ45
106 single point photo inclinometer body SQY-B
108 electronic digital display timer SQR01-2
109 dedicated charging power supply SQY05-4.8V
145 wash solution HK01-37
146 single point inclinometer camera assembly SQR06
149 copper connector HK02-16

China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd

/>177 smart charger HK01-02B
178 compass eyepiece HK01-10
179 compass eyepiece HK02-10
185 outer cylinder seal DXZ-D
212 union YSS-32
213 right body YSS-32
227 lower plug assembly YST-35
228 software and parameter disk YST-35

230 orientation shoes hk01-25
232 wired Drilling damper ST450600
252 integrated logging instrument SDL9000 Chi
253 Comprehensive Mud Logging Accessories ALS-2
256 integrated logging tool accessories SLZ-2A
257 Natural Gas Chromatography Analyzer HP6890
258 mud logging instrument DLS MLU
261 integrated logging instrument SK-2000F
328 funnel viscometer ZLN-1
329 horse funnel viscometer MLN-4
331 funnel viscometer ZLN-1A
332 six-speed rotary viscometer 2NN-06
334 mud hydrometer ZNB-2
335 high speed mixer GJ-1
337 atmospheric thickener OWC-2000
338 comprehensive logging tool accessories ALS-2-9
339 pulse generator MCFSQ
349 Photoelectric Pulse Generator MCFSQ 12V-2
363 sensitive dial JZ60.2.2-1
364 refers to the weight dial JZ60.2.2-2
365 sensitive dial JZ100-2
366 refers to the weight dial JZ100-3
399 shock absorber valve JZ250 JY246
Friction pipe wrench HKCX-D
Petroleum density meter SY-1 0.81-0
569 band switch KB3C-3W4D
630 small diameter pressure gauge QTY-X 16MPa
674 deep well pressure gauge JY72-1 AG 4
971 Temperature Sensor YD98.18-EF
1069 Rotary Control Head DC/DM35-01D
1129 lower mandrel ES33020-18
1144 multi-stream tester ES35020-00
1270 pulse code downhole instrument HMM-3506
1352 high temperature multi-point photo inclinometer SDVZ-M 1
SK-2Y01GI Fluorometer
SK-2T04 Carbonate Analyzer
SK-2M01 mudstone density meter
SK-3Q02G hydrogen flame chromatograph
SK-9K06 oil-free air compressor
SK-9Q400Z hydrogen generator
SK-7R02 hot vacuum degasser
SK-7T05 electric degasser
SK-8B03 turntable speed sensor
SK-8N07G electric torque sensor
SK-8Y34A riser pressure sensor
SK-8Y36A casing pressure sensor
SK-8Y21A Suspension Sensor Assembly
SK-8J05G winch sensor
SK-TY-02 three-way assembly
SK-8W01A drilling fluid outlet temperature sensor
SK-8D08 Drilling Fluid Inlet Conductivity Sensor
Shaft liner 105801
Wash pipe assy. 91249
Goose neck 105528
S-pipe assy. RH 105636
Pump/motor assy. (380V/50HZ/3Φ) 109266-1
Manifold assy. 109271
Valve assy. 109277
Rotor brake 109377
Washer, lock-hi collar 51110-C
Stem/planet gear PH60 105791-1
Bearing spacer, Planetary Gear 105795
Gear assy, Planetary 107164
Seal 105866
Ring gear 52994
O-ring 51300-451B
O-ring 51300-283B
Retainer, Brake 110512
Pad. Brake (Modified) 110513
Tubing mach-3/8odx0.35 wall*1 1/2LG 105470-17
Valve, relive 105914
Assy. Torque arrestor(8" stroke) 90471
Assy. Link tilt 74587-3
Pipe wash 649355-A
O ring (APR-568-348)
Air actuator 78309
CAM Follower 71827
Ring 103.07.01
Hook bar
Ring pin 103.07.02
Spring seal D7-1-67 (180×220×15)
Oil seal seat 103.04.04
Positioning plate 103.04.05
Spring 103.04.06
Upper bushing 103.04.07
Ring seat 103.06.06
Nut 103.04.09
Upper cylinder 103.04.38
Lower cylinder 103.07.04
Pin 103.04.12
Inner spring 103.04.13
Outer spring 103.04.14
O-ring seal 103.04.15
Lower bushing 103.04.16
Spring seat 103.04.17
Positioning block 103.04.18
Brake device
Producer 103.04.19
Jack 103.04.21
Spring 103.04.21
Hook DG450 103.06.00
Hook DG315 103.07.00
Hook DG350 103.04.00-1
Hook DG225 103.08.00
Hook DG250 103.05.00

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