We have two versions of them respectively made from NdFeB magnet and ferrite magnet. NdFeB version features superior holding force while ferrite version is cheaper in price. Above that, they all share the same physical structure which is proved to be effective in utilizing magnetic field to generate great holding force. Besides, all needs to be done to promote the sturdiness of the product is done --- steel cup is coated (normally with Zn), NdFeB magnet is coated (normally with CuNi), filling material keeps it clean between magnet and steel cup.

Application of NdFeB Flat Pot Magnet With Internal Threaded Bush

The structure makes the pot magnet with threaded holeperfect choices working as bases. Screw-in a bar with matching thread and hang whatever you need on it —the cup magnet with boltat the bottom will hold firmly enough that you do no worry about its falling down. Use two of them described above and you can hang a horizontal banner in between. Use NdFeB version in big diameter to support a big, heavy sign in a mall, etc.

We have rubber boots designed for these pot magnets aiming at protecting the holding surface. We have seen people use rubber boot and this internal thread pot magnet to hold antenna on cars.

Technical Advantages

Special construction

After repeated experiments we made some technical improvement to get even higher reliability by making the screw bush and the steel cup into one complete piece. Comparing with the regular way of riveting screw bush into the steel cup, a complete piece is undoubtedly much stronger and is capable of bearing higher duty.


A complete piece version and riveting version are both available.


We are also flexible in screw sizes as we know that the application situations are quite different from one to another. What we offer in the table below are the most widely used screws and just let us know if you need a different one.

Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd is a magnetic assembly manufacturerand a foremost supplier of the most comprehensive range of best custom magnets locally and internationally. When all efforts are concentrated on one point it is a matter of time to make a difference. We hold this belief in our work and have been dedicated in magnetic assemblyever since 2010. With accumulated experience we built up our expertise in magnet manufacturing, engineering of pot magnets, hook magnets, channel magnets —magnet assemblies that made out of a combination of magnet & metal, magnet & plastic or magnet & rubber.

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