Channel magnet gets its name exactly from its structure. It shares the same working principle with round shape pot magnet that conduct magnetic field strength via the steel channel to have alternating-pole pattern on the holding face so that high holding force can be obtained. The mainly plate magnet types is licence plate magnet, front license plate magnet, car dealer license plate magnet, state license plate magnetsand dealer license plate magnets. Welcome to consult.

Application of Channel Magnet

Use your creative mind and there is no limitation about how these channel magnets can be used. Here are some examples:

Those channel magnets with grippers are used in offices, stores to hold labels, tags;

24” channel magnet can be used as a sweeper for cleaning metal chips;

Rubber coated 8” channel magnet is used as a magnetic licence plate holder on cars;

Magnetic tool hanger like 1” channel magnet with hook is used to hang posters

This list goes on and on with your special application ideas.

Technical Advantages

Just like what we have done with pot magnet, in Weizhong Mangetics Co. Ltd, we have developed this simple product into a series of various channel magnets to satisfy different applicational requirement.

Length-wise, the shortest channel magnet from us is 1” long (25.4mm) while the longest one is 24” (609mm). We can customize them according to your request on length.

We use two types of magnets: neodymium, ferrite, to have various force & length combinations

For surface protection, we have channel magnet with cloth tape or with rubber coating.

As the magnetic licence plate holder, We have other versions such as, with hook, with PVC gripper, with mounting holes. We also have heavy duty magnetic barsfor sale.

Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd is a China-based company and a foremost magnetic assembly manufacturerof the most comprehensive range of best custom magnetslocally and internationally. When all efforts are concentrated on one point it is a matter of time to make a difference. We hold this belief in our work and have been dedicated in magnetic assembly ever since 2010. With accumulated experience we built up our expertise in magnet manufacturing, engineering of pot magnets, hook magnets, channel magnets —magnet assemblies that made out of a combination of magnet & metal, magnet & plastic or magnet & rubber.

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