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Organic Herb Incis a company with Normal Horny Goat Weed Extract,natural pigment extractionandorganic herbs suppliers as the main business. We are committed to providing quality service of plant extract supplier. Organic Herb Incwas established in 10 years ago, As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, OHIhas established a high reputation for superior quality and expertise in Bilberry extractfield

   Organic Herb Inc adhere to the continuous technical innovation , continue to create OHI value for our customers.OHI have branches in,,, and other cities , and all staff focus on Potential Horny Goat Weed Extract industry innovation and development;and we rely on the growing of Perfect service Horny Goat Weed Extract innovative practice ability to win the majority of customers trust and cooperation. details:
Horny Goat Weed extracts, also known as barrenwort, bishop's hat, fairy wings, horny goat weed, rowdy lamb herb, randy beef grass or yin yang huo , is a genus of flowering plants in the family Berberidaceae. The majority of the species are endemic to China, with smaller numbers elsewhere in Asia, and a few in the Mediterranean region

Horny Goat Weed extracts species are deciduous or evergreen hardy perennials. The majority have four-parted "spider-like" flowers in spring.

The plant contains icariin, which is a PDE5 inhibitor like sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra. It is therefore used as an aphrodisiac and a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Species of Epimedium are herbaceous perennials, growing from an underground rhizome. Their growth habits are somewhat variable. Some have solitary stems, others have a "tufted" habit, with multiple stems growing close together. There may be several leaves to a stem or the leaves may be solitary, produced from the base of the plant. Individual leaves are generally compound, often with three leaflets, but also with more. Leaflets usually have spiny margins. The leaves may be annual, making the plant deciduous, or longer lasting, so that the plant is evergreen. The inflorescence is an open raceme or panicle, the number of flowers varying by species. Horny Goat Weed extracts

Individual flowers have parts in fours. There are four smaller outer sepals, usually greenish and shed when the flower opens. Moving inwards, these are followed by four larger petal-like inner sepals, often brightly coloured. Inside the sepals are four true petals. These may be small and flat, but often have a complex shape including a nectar-producing "spur" that may be longer than the sepals. There are four stamens.

   With the rapid development of business simultaneously, OHI always keeps the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaching great importance to the training and shaping of core competitiveness. The company will take customer service value as the core competitiveness of enterprises. Adhering to spirit of enterprise:acting with integrity , pursuit of excellence, respect for the individual , OHIstrives to provide customers with Offer the best resveratrol manufacturersx1e78946n. More details in the OHIofficial website:

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