SIEMENS 6ES7214-1BG31-0XB0

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Rockwell: Allen-Bradley
1) ControlLogix 1756 series controller
2) CompactLogix 1769 series controller
3) SLC 500 1747 1746 Series Controller
4) PLC-5 1771 1785 series controller
5) ProSoft :MVI69/PS69/MVI56/MVI94/MVI71/MVI46/3150
6) ICS TRIPLEX trusted system

Advantage Product Selection

  • We currently have more than 50 million DCS card PLC modules in stock at any time.
  • All parts sold by AMIKON have a 12-month warranty. And all have undergone rigorous testing and certification.
1756-L61 6DD1600-0AK0 Reliance Electric 57C413B
1756-L62 6DD1610-0AG1 Reliance Electric 57C493
1756-L63 6DD1660-0BA0 Reliance Electric 57C493
1756-L64 6DD1661-0AB1 ProSoft MVI46-DFNT
1756-L71 6DP1120-8BA ProSoft MVI46-GSC
1756-L72 6DP1210-8AA ProSoft MVI46-MCM
1756-L74 6DP1230-8CC ProSoft MVI46-PDPS
1756-L73 6DS1723-8CC ProSoft MVI56-PDPMV1
1756-CNBR 6DS1723-8CC ProSoft MVI56-PDPS
1756-DNB 6ES5308-3UC21 ProSoft MVI56E-MCM
1756-EN2TR 6ES5316-8FA12 ProSoft MVI56E-MCMR
1756-ENBT 6ES5324-3UR11 ProSoft MVI56E-MNET
1756-IF16 6ES5375-0LA15 ProSoft MVI56E-MNETR
1756-RM 6ES5420-7LA11 TRICONEX 3008
1757-SRM 6ES5421-8MA12 TRICONEX 3007
1785-BCM 6ES5441-7LA11 TRICONEX 3625
1785-ENET 6ES5441-8MA11 TRICONEX 3503E
1785-L20B 6ES5451-7LA12 TRICONEX 3511
1785-L20E 6ES5700-8MA11 TRICONEX 3604E
1785-L30B 6ES5948-3UR23 TRICONEX 3664
1785-L40B 6ES7412-2XJ05-0AB0 TRICONEX 3700A
1785-L60B 6ES7416-2XN05-0AB0 TRICONEX 3721
1786-RPFRXL 6ES7412-5HK06-0AB0 TRICONEX 4119A
1786-RPFRXL-CC 6ES7414-4HR14-0AB0 TRICONEX 4351B
1785-ENET 6FC5357-0BB25-0AB0 TRICONEX 8101
1785-L20B A5E00190843 TRICONEX 4409
1785-L20E A5E02363383 VIPA 315-2AG10
1785-L40B C79451A3474B1-14 VIPA 315-2AG12
1785-L40C C79458-L2343-A2 VIPA 315-2AG12
1785-L40C15 C98043-A1600-L1 VIPA 315-2AG12 315SB/DPM
1785-L40E C98043-A1601-L4-17 VIPA 315-4NE12 315SN
1785-L60B C98043-A7002-L4-12 VIPA 317-2AJ12 317SE/DPM-SPEED7
1785-L60L C98043-A7002-L4-12 VIPA 317-2AJ12 CPU317SE
1785-L80B CP5611 PROSOFT 3150-MCM
HONEYWELL 51309276-150 HONEYWELL 51305072-100 XYCOM XVME-653
HONEYWELL 51402573-250 HONEYWELL 51305348-100 HONEYWELL 51196653-100
HONEYWELL 51403988-150 HONEYWELL 51305890-175 HONEYWELL 51304337-150
Bahman MPC240 HONEYWELL 51309276-150 HONEYWELL 51304485-150
Bahman CM202 HONEYWELL 51309276-150 HONEYWELL 51304511-200

Enhanced HMI Software Speeds Design Time, Improves Productivity
FactoryTalk View Site Edition v9.0 software allows control engineers to cut design time and errors by leveraging the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture platform. The HMI software uses the content coming from the controller without needing to manually dup.

Our Benefits: (Reply immediately ) 
We are biggest suppliers in China.
1. lower your support costs
2. Provide on-going availability of automation replacement parts
3.Warranty: 12 months.
Lead time: 1-2 working days.
Type of payment: T/T
Courier partners: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS.
Technical specification, manuals and data sheets: Ava


Related advantage products.

3500/32 125720-01
3500/70 140471-01
3500/42 140471-01
3500/25 125800-01
3500/92 136188-01
3500/25 149369-01
3500/15 Power Module
3500/92 136180-01
3500/70 176449-09
3500/32 149986-02
3500/22 288055-01
3500/42 176449-02
3500/15 106M2686-01
3500/92 136188-02
3500/42 143729-01
3500/22 146031-01
3500 149992-01

3500/25 key phase detection module 149369-01
3500/44M Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring Module 176449-03
3500/92 Communication Gateway Module 136180-01
3500/40M Front Monitoring Module 176449-01
3500/22M Transient Data Interface Instrumentation 138607-01
3500/32 4-way relay 125712-01
3500/42M Front/Earthquake Monitoring Module
3500/15 power supply 129670-01
3500.00 Bently Nevada System Instrumentation Frame
3500/25 Bently Nevada Keyphasor module
3500/45 Bently Nevada Position Monitor Module
3500/33 Bently Nevada 16-channel relay module
3500/34 Bently Nevada TMR relay module
3500/50 Bently Nevada Speed ??Module
3500/53 Bently Nevada overspeed detection module
3500/60 Bently Nevada temperature monitor module
3500/61 Bently Nevada temperature monitor module
3500/62 Bently Nevada Process Variable Monitor Module
3500/64M Bently Nevada dynamic pressure monitor
3500/65 Bently Nevada16 channel temperature module
3500/70M Bently Nevada reciprocating compressor impact speed monitor
3500/72M Bently Nevada Piston Rod Position Monitor
3500/77M Bently Nevada Cylinder Pressure Monitor
3500/63 Bently Nevada gas monitor
3500/93 Bently Nevada LCD display device
3500/94 Bently Nevada VGA display device
Bentley TSI system hardware
3500 software
3500/01 3500/02 3500/03
3500/05 system framework
3500/06 protective box
3500/08 Troubleshooting Connection Panel
3500 internal barrier
3500 electrical insulation device interface
3500/15 power supply
3500/20 frame interface module
3500/22M frame interface module with TDI
3500/25 keypad module
3500/32 4-channel relay module
3500/34 TMR relay module
3500/40MProximitor? Displacement monitor
3500/42M displacement/speed acceleration monitoring
3500/44M aerodynamic monitor
3500/45 differential expansion/axial position monitor
3500/46M hydropower monitor
3500/50 speed module
3500/53 overspeed detection module
3500/60 and 3500/61 temperature monitors
3500/62 Process Variable Monitor
3500/64M dynamic pressure monitor
3500/72M piston rod position monitor
3500/77M cylinder pressure monitor
3500/90 communication gateway
3500/92 communication gateway
3500/93 LCD display device
3500/94 VGA display device
3500/95 user interface workstations
US Bently Bentley 3500 Series Monitoring Module
4-channel displacement monitor module 3500/40-01-00 176449-01 after 125680-01
Vibration module 3500/42-01-00 176449-02 after the first 128229-01
Power module 3500/15-02-02-00 127610-01 Before + 125840-01
Frame Interface Module 3500/22-01-02-00 138607-01 After 146031-02
Keypad module 3500/25-01-01-00 149369-01 after 125800-01
Relay module 3500/32-01-00 125712-01 after 125720-01
Frame interface module 3500/20-01-01-00
Frame interface module 3500/20-01-02-00
Frame Interface Module 3500/20-02-02-00
Frame interface module 3500/22-01-01-00
Keypad module 3500/25-01-01-00
Keypad module 3500/25-01-02-00
Keypad module 3500/25-01-03-00
Power module 3500/15-02-02-00
Relay module 3500/32-01-00
Keypad module 3500/33-01-00
4-channel Displacement Monitor Module 3500/40 (140734-01 135489-04)
Vibration module 3500/42-01-00
Vibration module 3500/42-04-00
Vibration module 3500/42-09-00
Differential/Axial Position Module 3500/45-01
Differential/Axial Position Module 3500/45-01-00
Speed ??module 3500/50-01-00
Bentley 3500 Monitoring Module
Speed ??module 3500/50-01-00-01
Speed ??module 3500/50-01-00-02
Speed ??module 3500/50-01-01-00-00
Speed ??module 3500/50-04-00
Overspeed protection module 3500/53-01-00
Temperature monitor 3500/61 (133819-02)
Temperature monitor 3500/61 (163179-02)
Temperature monitor 3500/61 (163179-03)
Temperature monitor 3500/61-01-00 (163179-02)
Instrument frame 3500/05-01-01-00-00-00
Instrument frame 3500/05-01-02-00-00-00
Instrument frame 3500/05-01-02-00-01
Instrument frame 3500/05-02-04-00-00-00
Monitoring module 3300/50-01-01-00-00
Monitoring module 3300/50-02-01-00-00
Monitoring module 3300/52-02-00-00
Monitoring Module 3300/53-03-02 - ** - **
Bently module 3300/55-03-01-15-15-00-00-01-00
Bently Module 3300/55-03-04-15-15-00-00-05-00
Bently Module 3300/65-14-01-00-00-01
Power module 3500/15-02-02-00 127610-01 After 125840-01
Bentley 3500 system
Temperature monitor 3500/61-01-00 (163179-02 & 133819-02)
Temperature monitor 3500/61-03-00
Process Variable Monitoring Module 3500/62 (136294-01)
Process variable monitoring module 3500/62-03-00 (163179-03 & 136294-01)
Monitoring module 3500/63-01-00
Communication Gateway Module 3500/92-01-01
Communication Gateway Module 3500/92-01-01-00
Communication Gateway Module 3500/92-02-01-00
Communication Gateway Module 3500/92-04-01-00
Display device 3500/93-01-00-00-00
Display device 3500/93-02-02-02-00
Display device 3500/93-03-01-00
Display device 3500/93-03-01-00-00
Display device 3500/93-07-01-02-00
Monitoring module 3500-40-01-00
Key phase channel vibration monitor 3300/16-15-01-03-00-00
Dual Channel Vibration Monitor 3300/16-15-01-03-00-00-00
Monitoring module 3300/20-12-01-00-00-00
Monitoring module 3300/20-12-01-01-00-02-00
Monitoring module 3300/20-12-01-03-00
Supply the United States BENTLY Bentley 350020 frame interface module
BENTLY Bentley 350025 Improved Keypad Module
BENTLY Bentley 190065A Vibration Monitor
BENTLY Bentley 3300 vibration probe Bentley TSI system hardware
BENTLY Bentley 350015 power supply module
BENTLY Bentley 350032 4-channel relay module
BENTLY Bentley 350032 16 Channel Relay Module
BENTLY Bentley 350042M speed acceleration monitoring module
BENTLY Bentley 350046M hydropower monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350053 overspeed monitoring module
BENTLY Bentley 350062 Process Variable Monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350005 frame
BENTLY Bentley 350042M Displacement Monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350034 relay module
BENTLY Bentley 350045 differential expansion - axial position monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350050 speed module
BENTLY Bentley 350060 and 350061 temperature monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350072M Piston Rod Position Monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350042M pressure monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350077M Cylinder Pressure Monitor
BENTLY Bentley 350092 communication module
BENTLY Bentley 350093 display module 

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