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Model Number 750-P5-G5-S5-HI-A20-R-T   
Place of Origin USA
Brand Name GE
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Description 750-P5-G5-S5-HI-A20-R-T   

Detailed description:




Manufactured by GENERAL ELECTRIC



The 750/760 Feeder Protection System, a member of the SR Family of protection relays, with draw out capability intended for primary protection and management of distribution feeders. The 750/760 has specific features for industrial environments, including a drawout case to limit downtime during maintenance and conformal coating for harsh environments.


Key Benefits:

Easy to use protection supported by industry leading software

Accurate built-in metering functions

I/O monitoring - improve uptime

IRIG-B time synchronization, event reports, waveform capture, data logger

Minimize replacement time

Draw-out construction

Simplify testing - Built in simulation features



Primary protection and control for distribution feeders on solidly grounded, high impedance grounded or resonant grounded systems

Bus blocking/Interlocking schemes

High-speed fault detection for arc flash

Throw over schemes (bus transfer scheme)

Load shedding schemes based on voltage and frequency elements

Back-up protection for transmission lines, feeders and transformers

Distributed Generation (DG) interconnect protection

Supports industry protocols such as DNP & Modbus

Optional 10MB Ethernet port

Complete monitoring - Analog I/O, Full metering

Leading edge technology - Flash memory for product field upgrade

Optional conformal coating for Harsh Environments



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GE IC697CMM742
GE IC697CPM790
GE IC697CPX935
GE IC698CPE010
GE IC698CPE020
GE IC698CPE030
GE IC698PSA350
GE IC698PSA100
GE IC698RMX016
GE IC698CRE020
GE IC698CRE030
GE 750-P5-G5-S5-HI-A20-R-T
GE SR750 750-P5-G5-D5-HI-A20-R-E



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