ABB ACS310-03U-06A2-4


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Amikon it is a leading global supplier of control system components. We specialize in control systems and drives. With many years of experience in the industrial sector, we consistently deliver the highest quality of spare parts.

We currently stock over 100+ branded products.

---Westinghouse:OVATIONN system, WDPF system, WESStation system card.

---Modicon: Quantum 140 Series processor, control card, Power module and so on.

---Rockwell Allen-Bradley: Reliance, SLC500/1747/1746, MicroLogix/1761/1763/1762/1766/1764,

---Motorola: MVME162, MVME167, MVME1772 and MVME177 series.

---GE FANUC: Module, card, drive various kinds of spare parts,etc.

---Yaskawa: Servo controller, servo motor, servo driver, etc.

---Bosch Rexroth: Indramat, I/O module, PLC controller, drive module.

---Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK15 digital controller.

---ABB: Advant OCS, ABB MOD 30/MODCELL, ABB MOD 300, ABB Procontic, ABB Procontrol

---Moore APACS, Moore Panel ControllersER

---Siemens Iskamatic

Please don't hesitate to contact me as per following methods:

* Our mission is to help you!

* Reduced maintenance costs!

GE HE693THM889 HE693THM889C
GE IC693ALG392
GE IC693CMM321
GE IC693PRG300
GE A02B-0076-K001
GE IC660EBA026
GE IC670CHS101
GE IC670ALG320
GE IC200PWB001
GE IC200GBI001

In stock
1 year warranty
Original and new packing
Delivery with DHL 3 days after payment

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