The Channel Isolated, Discrete I/O Interface Modules (FBM241/b/c/d) have eight discrete input channels and eight discrete output channels. Associated termination assemblies (TAs) support discrete input or output signals at voltages of under 60 V dc, 120 V ac/125 V dc, or 240 V ac. Depending on the type of I/O signal required, the TAs contain current limiting devices, fuses, relays, or relay outputs with internal or external power source and fusing.


Key features of the FBM241/b/c/d modules are:

-Eight discrete inputs

-Eight discrete outputs

-Supports discrete inputs/output signals at voltages of:

• 15 to 60Vdc

• 120 V ac/125 V dc

• 240Vac.

-Each input and output is galvanically isolated:

group isolated when used with external excitation

-Compact, rugged design suitable for enclosure in Class G3 (harsh) environments

-Executes the Discrete I/O or Ladder Logic program, with the followingconfigurable options:

Input Filter Time, Fail Safe Configuration, Fail-Safe Fall-Back, and Sustained or Momentary Outputs

-Various Termination Assemblies (TAs) that contain:

• Current limiting devices

• Fuses

• Relay outputs

Lead time and packing method

Packing:Brand new and original in box

Delivery time:2-3 days against the payment

Payment term:Telegram transfer

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