HIMA F7553

DESCRIPTION 6ES5450-8FA11 Made in Germany Brand: Siemens Item NO.: 6ES5450-8FA11 Payment: T/T Product Origin: GERMANY Shipping Port: XIAMEN, CHINA Lead Time: IN STOCK SIEMENS PRODUCTS ü Siemens Moore ü SINAMICS ü Siemens Simadyn ü Siemens Simatic C1 C2 C3 ü Siemens Simatic HMI ü Siemens Simatic S5 S7 e: | w: +86 s: live:sales 7_1232 SIEMENS SIMATIC S5 The SIMATIC S5 PLCs are connected to the SIMATIC PCS 7 controllers as slaves, which expands the available functions of the existing automation system to include alarm management, asset management, and even graphical visualization. The existing process I/O are retained in this case. In a migration of SIMATIC S5 controllers with retention of the S5 input/output modules, the existing SIMATIC S5 CPUs are replaced with modern SIMATIC S7-400 CPUs. WHAT WE'LL DO: Contact you contact you - upon receipt of your repair, we will check it and then contact you with a quote. Obtain your approval -- we will request your approval to proceed (you can send your order, your item needs to be repaired, along with the approved amount, turnaround time, shipping instructions to eliminate this step). No obligation - if you decide not to proceed, we'll be happy to return your item to you for free, and we'll even pick it up. Repair your project repair your project - once you approve, we will repair your project with a turnaround time of your choice... HOT-SALES

QLCCM22AAN 16418-31 IC670PBI001-BE 45C68
15738-119 IC697MEM717B 45C70
6DD1681-0AH2 IC697CHS790 45C315
3TE4602-5A IC697MDL340 45C231
6DR2004-1 IC693PCM300 45C610
SMP-E431-A6 IC200CHS022 45C410B
6ES7350-2AH00-0AE0 IC200ALG264 140XBP01000
6ES5316-8FA12 F31X134EPRBEG1 FR00/0 140DAO84210
RMS-TSG-TZ-C IC695CMX128 140DAO84000
7TR6021-1/BB IC697MEM715 TCSESM043FG2UD
6DS1723-8BB IC693MDL231 140CPU65260
6AV6643-0BA01-1AX0 DS3820PS7A1B1C 140CRA21220
6GK7343-1EX11-0XE0 IC200MDL940 140DDI85300
6ES5491-0LB11 IC697MDL240 140CRA93200
562-001 IC697VAL314 140ACI04000
6DD1662-0AB0 IC697MDL654 140AMM0900
505-4232 505-4232A IC660BBA100 140NOE77101
39SDM024DCCBN 45C362 PCI-85
6DR2104-5 45C65 FTU257B
6ES7153-2BA82-0XB0 45C311 NP4H-SWN
6DD1600-0AF0 45C66 FTL010A-A10
6ES7392-1AJ00-0AA0 45C44 NP1L-PS1

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