8C-PAON01 FSC Series DCS Honeywell



Made in Germany


Item NO.:6ES5450-8FA11


Product Origin:GERMANY

Shipping Port:XIAMEN, CHINA

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üSiemens Moore



üSiemensSimatic C1 C2 C3

üSiemensSimatic HMI

üSiemensSimatic S5 S7

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The SIMATIC S5 PLCs are connected to the SIMATIC PCS 7 controllers as slaves, which expands the available functions of the existing automation system to include alarm management, asset management, and even graphical visualization. The existing process I/O are retained in this case. In a migration of SIMATIC S5 controllers with retention of the S5 input/output modules, the existing SIMATIC S5 CPUs are replaced with modern SIMATIC S7-400 CPUs.


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CC-TAIM01 T8901 VFTA Fuse/Link Pack
900G02-0102 T8122 Processor Interface Adaptor
MC-GAIH14 T8120 Processor Interface Adaptor
900RTA-L001 T8824 40 channel 120V ac Digital Input FTA
T8802 60 channel 24V dc Digital Input FTA
T8432 Dual Analogue Input
10201/2/1 11501 ICS trusted T8231
8C-TDOD61 T8850 40 channel Analogue or Digital Output FTA
T8192 Shield
900B16-0001 T8272 Vent & Baffle Unit
TC-PRS021 T8461C
900R08R-0101 T8191 Shield
T8480 Analogue Output-40 channel
8C-PAOHA1 T9852
T8270 24V dc Fan Assembly
10024/1/1 T8110C Processor
900PSM-0001 T8846 9 channel Speed Input FTA
T8292 Power Distribution Unit

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