methyl 3-benzoylpropionate

English name:methyl 3-benzoylpropionate

Othernames:y-phenylpropanol;phenylpropanol;livonal;3-phenyl-1-propanol; 3-phenylpropanolalcohol;(3-Hydroxypropyl)benzene;3-Benzenepropanol

CAS No.:25333-24-8

Molecular formula:C9H12O

Molecular weight:136.19

Molar mass:126.32

Melting point:−18 °C(lit.)

Boiling point:119-121 °C12 mm Hg(lit.)

Flash point:109 degree C

Refractive index:1.5271

Properties: 45.65


Packaging:200kg blue barrel

Storage method:dry and cold

Storage method:Room temperature, away from light, cool and dry place, sealed and storedUsage:It is used to synthesize methyl p-sulfonyl chlorobenzopropionate. Aromatic sulfonyl chloride is an important pharmaceutical intermediate (synthetic sulfonamide drugs), which has a broad application prospect. The synthesis of p-sulfonyl chlorobenzopropionate by methyl phenylpropionate is simple and practical. The technical scheme adopted in the invention for the above purposes is as follows: the synthesis method of methyl sulfonyl chlorobenzopropionate is firstly esterified with phenylpropionate, then sulfonated with chlorosulfonic acid, then hydrolyzed, the solid is precipitated, dried, recrystallized and refined as the product.

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