The largest manufacturer of Moroccan Black Soap

The largest manufacturer of Moroccan Black Soap

The single manufacturer of Moroccan black soap

If you are searching for a natural and effective remedy to nourish and exfoliate your skin, then look no further. As we have just the right thing to make your skin softer and glowing. Moroccan black Soap has been used for centuries by beauty experts. However, the Moroccan Black Soap is made from all the pure ingredients that will give you a complete nurture from nature.

Choose high quality and natural Moroccan Black Soap

The Moroccan Black Soap is named after its color which is black or dark green. The soap is rich in Vitamin E and leaves the skin after use incredibly soft. The main ingredients in the Moroccan Black Soap include olives which are rich in vitamin E. Along with the olives; Moroccan Black Soap contains a texture of butter and vegetable oil. Furthermore, all these ingredients make a soft paste-like ingredient. So if you thought of the Moroccan Black Soap then think of the soft paste rather than a hard bar of soap.

One of the most striking features associated with the Moroccan Black Soap is that it can be beneficial for all kind of skins and it contains no side effect. For centuries, Morocco has been the beauty hub to create natural beauty products. Oriental Group presents the Moroccan Black Soap with a complete exfoliation and beauty kit to complete your skin treatment.

The best exporter of Moroccan Black Soap

We offer a naturally extracted pure Moroccan Black Soap with a high quality to ensure the maximum benefits. Some of the benefits associated with the Moroccan Black Soap are below to demonstrate the significance of this amazing combination of natural ingredients.

Some benefits of using black soap are as follows:

Great source of skin moisturizing:

Moroccan Black Soap is known for centuries to be an authentic source for the skin moisturizing. When applied to the skin , it leaves it completely moisturized and soft.

Ideal for exfoliation:

Moroccan Black Soap is considered an ideal choice to use for the skin exfoliation. The main logic behind this belief is that Moroccan Black Soap leaves the skin highly moisturized and soft. Moreover, if we use any exfoliator after using Moroccan Black Soap, then the results will come up doubled. Nevertheless, the use of Moroccan Black Soap removes all the dead skin cells from the body and clears the pores.

Cost effective beauty treatment:

Moroccan Black Soap is the most efficient and cost-effective method to get all the skin treated at once. If you want a beauty product to take care of your skin from head to toe then Oriental Group will offer you the best possible beauty treatment- Moroccan Black Soap.

How to use it?

Well, we highly recommend using the Moroccan Black Soap on a weekly basis to make your skin more lighting and glowing. Before applying the soap make sure:

  • your body is damp
  • Apply the soap for 15-20 minutes.
  • Take a hot shower
  • Use any beauty treatment you want.

Moroccan Black Soap leaves your skin more receptive and responsive towards the treatments. So order your pack of natural and effective Moroccan Black Soap today. Itgives your skin a new life to make it more glowing, soft rejuvenating and ageless.

  1. 50 Pieces or 5kg

Supply Ability: 2000 Kg/Kg per Week

Port: Casablanca /Tanger MED / Agadir

Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PAYPAL

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details :100g, 150g,250g ,1kg ,5kg ,20kgplastic jars.

Delivery Time:15 days after confirmation of all detaills and deposit

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:from Morocco
  • Brand Name:BioProGreen or Twichya or private labeling
  • Form: Paste
  • Use: Body , face
  • Product name:Moroccan Black soap
  • Feature :Antiseptic, Basic Cleaning, Whitening
  • Flavors :Eucalyptus – Lavender.
  • Delivery Time :7-15 working days
  • Cultivation type:Organic
  • Shipping :UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,etc or as per customer request
  • Precautions:Rinse thoroughly if products gets into the eye.Keep away from children
  • FOB Price :

Product available in private labeling contact us for more informations :

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