Light up sign is an effective way to create the image of the modern urban environment, which has an important historical significance in the development of modern cities. Meanwhile, the development of modern cities is also constantly promoting the improvement of the design level of the modern urban public environment logo system.

Light Up Sign Advantages

Green environmental protection, real natural appearance, solid structure

You can create any size, font and color you want

Any size, luminous uniformity, good tightness, strong production

Light Up Sign FAQs

What is the characteristic of your light up sign?

Custom colors and size, Custom multi-mode of light-emitting Environmental protection: Less light pollution or chemical pollution Energy saved: Low power consumption, great for energy saving Safety: Low electric current output

What if I don’t know what kind of a sign I want?

A: For better customer experience, our customer service team is ready to give the right consultation and best signage solutions. With the help of our friendly team, you will choose the custom sign suitable for only your business premises.

How much do the signs cost?

A: The price of the sign depends on various factors, such as the materials used, the size, shape, type of the sign, and others. There are materials that cost less than others, as well as types that cost more than others, so we can tell you the exact price only after you tell us what sign you need.

Reto Co.,Ltd. is a professional retail window display companies, we provide shop window lighting ideas, cheap custom light up signs, large light up sign, custom made light up signs, custom light up signs for business, cheap light up signs, custom name light up sign, metal light up signs, theme window display, retail window display propsand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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