The Western Christmas New Year, the Chinese traditional Spring Festival.

Every year's Christmas, for each business, is a big holiday, a variety of activities in the name of "gift", sales, crazy night, are aimed at the end of the year, to a wonderful appearance.

With the increasing competition, in order to capture the main consumer groups of the contemporary era, more and more young customers are attracted, and more and more fashionable elements are constantly integrated into the Christmas themed window displays.

A good Christmas window will not only attract customers' attention but also increase customer flow and bring good results.

What is the meaning of the window display?

As one of the important elements of DU in visual marketing, the window display is often used by fashion retail brands to use in front of their store's addition to professional display and display managers, not many people can clearly understand the benefits of carefully planned and decorated Windows.

Why is window Christmas window shop displays important?

Christmas in Europe and the United States is equivalent to the Chinese Spring Festival, has always been the focus of the display of international brand stores, Become an important promotional period. Both high-quality products and a unique design of store requires a window a good window means a creative theme distinct, can attract the attention of consumers only let customers into the store, they can find the brand's uniqueness can cause consumption, so the window is crucial, it is the prelude to product sales. In addition, the theme in the window is very clear, simple and practical, good effect, strong visual impact, so as to better guide consumers, stimulate consumer desire.

Creative Christmas decoration & design ideas for shop windows

Simple and elegant, with a distinct theme, outstanding goods, fashion sense, in line with the brand characteristics, merchants display characteristics, and interior decoration characteristics. Select props and beauty modes according to the characteristics of shops and products; Decide the color and placement of props according to the overall tone of the shop. The color of the christmas retail window display propsshould be unique to Christmas and can create a strong contrast with the background.

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