Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection mold and moldingis a method of using an injection machine to quickly inject molten plastic into a mold and solidify it to obtain various plastic products. As one of the most professional plastic injection molding suppliers, ETCN provides our client with plastic injection molding services of different types, such as PVC injection molding, nylon injectionmolding, polystyrene injection molding, bioplastic injection molding, and etc. with quality insurance.

Advantage of Plastic Injection Molding

Process Cost

As for the plastic injection molding cost, there is a relatively high mold cost but low single-piece cost.

Typical Products

Automotive plastic parts, consumer electronics plastic shells, etc.

Suitable For Production

Plastic injection mold making generally only suitable for mass production;


With our precision plastic injectionmolding, the surface accuracy is extremely high, and the shape error of the same batch of products is small.

Fast Processing Speed

As a professional injection moulding manufacturer, ETCN not only provides our clients with qualified services but also fast processing speed with reasonable plastic injection price.

Plastic Injection Molding FAQs

In The Production Process, The Product Lacks Glue, Sometimes Increasing The Injection Pressure And Speed Is Invalid, Why?

After a period of production, the melting glue continuously takes away the heat, resulting in insufficient melting glue, high viscosity, and poor fluidity, making the product lack glue. It can be solved by increasing the temperature of the material pipe.

The Cause And Solution Of The Oval Product

The Rationality And Selection Method Of Mold Exhaust Point

Reasons And Solutions For Fiberglass Products Prone To Pan-fiber

Customized Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Plastic Injection Molding

Other Machining Services You May Be Interested

Metal Spinning

The spinning method can be used to complete the deep drawing, flanging, necking, bulging and curling of rotating bodies of various shapes.

Metal Spinning

Precision Machining

Can provide precision non-standard customized products.

Precision Machining


According to different materials and processes, use corresponding welding methods, including laser welding, gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, etc.


ETCN is a professional machining and manufacturing company, we provide CNC machining, metal stamping, polyester injection molding, short run plastic injection molding, thermoplastic foam injection molding, thermoplastic injection, cnc service, china cnc manufacturingand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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