Luminance Colorimeter

Whether it's small FPD, LCD, mobile display or large panel displays, such as TV. Luminance colorimeteris necessary to detect the optical performance parameters such as luminance, chromaticity, flicker and uniformity of the product in production process. Adjusting these optical parameters in the early stage of production can not only save time, but also improve production and customer satisfaction.


Luminance Meter Probe Bracket


Colorimeter software V2.0

Choose Suitable Luminance Colorimeter

CM-10M Colorimeter

LM-7M Luminance Meter

RT-200A Response Time Measurement Device

CM-100 Colorimeter

RayClouds Luminance Colorimeter Types

RayClouds provides a series of color measuring devicefor display measurement. As CM-10 portable luminance colorimeter, or flexible CM-10M and CM-100 luminance colorimeter. Moreover, LM-7M provides excellent luminance measurement and RT-200A provides high speed response time analysis. Modular design provides a complete solution for optical performance measurement of most panel displays.

RayClouds photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. (RayClouds) It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial measuring instruments and display measurement system.

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