As the performance and quality of displays increase, so does the demand for test instrumentation standards. In addition, with the rapid development of some other types of illuminated elements, for example, Organic EL as well as conventional LCD and PDP displays, there is a requirement for high-precision spectral radiation curve analysis.

RayClouds provides accurate spectroradiometer for sale, it can meet your display measurements.


Instrument Bag


Spdpro V1.0

Choose Suitable Spectroradiometer

CS-Series Spectrometer

SR-200 Spectroradiometer

SR-380 Portable Spectroradiometer

Application of Spectroradiometer

Spectroradiometer widely used in FPD display, backlight, lighting engineering, light source and lighting devices, film and TV, traffic signals, construction, atmospheric luminosity and other fields.

RayClouds photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. (RayClouds) It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial measuring instruments and display measurement system. RayCloudsis a professional spectroradiometer supplier. RayClouds provide Spectrometer, Spectral radiance colorimeter, spectroradiometer for sale,want to know more,please contact us.

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