Application of omnipotent pedestal in garden landscape

Adjustable plastic pedestalis a new type of building material, it can also be called omnipotent pedestal. The main material is PP high density polypropylene with main characteristics which are high strength, aging resistance, long lifespan, insulation performance and strong weather resistance. It is not affected by cold and hot moisture, they are mainly used in construction engineering and industrial fields, which can solve the problems of special construction and post-maintenance work.

With the development of the pedestal, it is not only used in the construction field, but also in the landscape design. The advanced and convenient design gives the designer and architecture unlimited imagination of building, which is one of the modern architectural engineering and industrial use. A new kind of building material.

Many times, when we enjoy the landscaping view, we can see a lot of water coming out of the gap in the ground. Most of us will be puzzled. In fact, these are the credits of the composite decking pedestals.

  • Stone support - applied in the laying of marble and stone. After using the stone supporter, the stone materials are hanging by the pedestal, which can conveniently and quickly pre-buried the pipeline and post-maintenance.

  • Waterscape stone support - applied to the waterscape material laying according to concepts and requirements of the designer, combined with the size and shape of the stone using the pedestal. The properties of the high-density polypropylene material determine the superior performance of the pedestal for water resistance, aging resistance, and service life. It is widely used in landscape fountains, shallow pools, dry sprays, and water curtain walls.

  • Floor support - applied to the wooden floor, anticorrosive wood laying, suitable for various shapes and sizes of flooring. Omnipotent pedestal saves a lot of installation time for its convenient, at the same time, the hanging floor makes various construction pipelines easier, and also solve the maintenance and repair problems of the pipeline.

Stage support - used in the construction of the live stage and festival stage. Due to the quick and convenient installation of the pedestal, it can meet the construction of the temporary and permanent stage. The hanging stage is contributing to solving many problems on-site like laying the temporary lines. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction of indoor and outdoor exhibition stands.

The advantages of using omnipotent pedestals in the landscape are as follows:

The main material of the supporter is polypropylene and it can be recycled.

The base of the pedestal can carry a weight of 1500-2000kg, therefore it can be applied in a wide range of fields.

After long-term application evaluation, it proves the pedestal has the physical properties of good insulation, aging resistance, long life span, and high strength. It has strong weather resistance, won’t be affected by the cold, heat or humid conditions, has a wide range of applications.

The supporter changes the traditional concrete pouring, which effectively shortens the process, at the same time, it advantageously improves the maintenance and repair of the embedded pipeline in the later stage.

The pedestal replaces the traditional pouring with a high solid weight, which effectively reduces the load on buildings and constructions.

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