Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A

ACE-TEC Group is an experienced home beauty equipmentsupplier, who has been committed to researching Facial cleansing series, beauty series, body care series, and oral series products; adhering to the core concept of professionalism, efficiency, and high quality for our products; it has established high-quality images and good sales records for many buyers and has Highly recognized by dozens of partners.We provide facial beauty equipment, face cleaning devices, silicone brush face cleanser, facial skin care devicesand so on.

This home-use facial steamer is able to provide ionic moisturizing deep cleansing for facial skin. It is designed with a handle which makes it easier to use. This facial steamer enables you to have a spa salon experience at home and you can easily get facial detox and better face skin. Okachi gliya nanosteamerof Ace-tec offers various types of Nanosteamerfacial steamers, including pro cleansing facial steamer, ionic facial steamer, nanosteamer 3 in 1nano steamer, and nanosteamer pro 4 in 1nanosteamer pro. Apart from pro cleansing facial steamer, we can also offer Portable facial mister to be used on various occasions more conveniently. Contact us to see more Facial skin care machines and check more facial steamer reviews。

Nano Facial Steamer

Detachable water tank

Cosmetic mirror panel on the top surface

Adjustable spray head

Facial Ionic Steamer

hydrate and moisturize, deep clean

The continuous steam period is 15 minutes

Small body with high-capacity fill water once, the continuous steam period is 15 minutes

Water storage tank

Small body with high-capacity

Dry out protection

test ordinary temperature 25℃

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