Wedding Musical Lollipop

"Will you marry me?" Lavoli's wedding lollipopwill be a perfect choice to add extra helping to your proposal! By recording and playing your own voice, Lavoli's wedding lolly can help you to keep this precious moment! Lavoli's wedding lollipops can also be a perfect invention. Prepare a few sentences to share your significant moment with all of your friends and family to let them know that you will get married! On the wedding day, to send Lavoli heart shape musical lollipop as a gift to thank those who have come to share this happy moment. Usihng Lavoli's custom-shaped lollipops to decorate the bouquet is also a wonderful idea! Aiming to spread the voice of love, Lavoli stay with you to celebrate this lovely day! Let's toast and congratulations to the happy couple!

Application Of Wedding Musical Lollipop

The Elegant appearance of Lavoli, featuring a colorful transparent candy with a pure white stick, is concise and lively. Advanced functions are implemented via APP/PC software to ensure a concise body. Voice and indicator lights are designed to enhance the easy-use interaction of our wedding lollipops. Moreover, the use of ultrasonic seamless welding technology and food-safe contact materials guarantees product safety. It absolutely matches any wedding design and sceneries. Bringing interest and significance to the wedding for the couples.

Packaging Of Wedding Musical Lollipop

We provide a wedding gift box and also be able to provide a customized gift package or box. The photos could be printed on the customized package as well!

Thunder Blast is a professional toy candy manufacturer. We provide Halloween Musical Lollipop, Christmas Musical Lollipop, best sugarless candyand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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