A pressure switch is a control device that runs a switch on and a switch-off action when a preset pressure value occurs. Pressure switches are mainly used as the flow controller for fluid or gas in applications such as HVAC systems, water pumps, boilers, gas tanks.

Air Compressor Pressure Switch

The air pressure switch also referred to as compressor pressure switch, is a digital pressure switch that can offer real time pressure readings. Various connections that are easy to install, reset and recalibration are possible

Pressure Controller

The digital pressure controller is an automatic pressure controller with an LCD display, easy install, simple operation, long working life, high stablity, anti-vibration

Pressure Switch Controller

This pressure control switch is capable of HVAC pressure switch and pneumatic pressure switch applications with media as Non-corrosive dry gas. Compact design with LCD display, high stability and exactness

Digital Pressure Switch

The digital pressure switch is a pressure sensor switch that is used on pipeline pressure monitoring and control. Compact dimension and easy install, LCD pressure readings, reset calibration is available, low cost and high precise

Water Controller

The water controller is a device capable of domestic water system control, water tank liquid transfer system. Works on the principle of mutual induction between the permanent magnet and the internal circuit board. Food grade plastic structure

Pressure Switch

Lefoo pressure switch contains low pressure switchand high pressure switch that capable of the automatic control for air, gas, liquid, and chemical media. Various diaphragms and connections are featured to meet extensive applications

Differential Pressure Switch

LEFOO Differential pressure switch is used for air or gas control. Compact and robust plastic structure, Exact pressure sensing unit, optional connection types, easy install, low cost, and high performance

Water Pressure Switch

It is a water tank pressure switch that automatically switches and controls the water supply system. Water pressure switch from lefoo pressure control can prevent water overflow and insufficient according to water pressure and water level

Water Pump Pressure Switch

A water pump switch is a water pump automatic switch that prevents pump empty running damage. It is a water pump pressure control switch that shut down the electric circuit when tap water stops for seconds

HVAC Pressure Switch

This pressure switch is capable of high pressure switch hvac applications, Available for the media such as air and water. Robust structure, durable diaphragm, precise control, easy install, adjustable spring strain threshold

Boiler Pressure Switch

The boiler pressure switch is an easy adjusting pressure switch that is capable of high-temperature pressure steam automatic controls. High pressure range, adjustable pressure settings, various connections


A mechanical pressure switch applies a spring-triggered piston sealed by a diaphragm and rubber O ring. Generally, The spring is the opposing force to the inlet pressure and the spring's pretension is adjusted with a male stud screw by a female screwdriver. People preset a targeted high pressure on the male-threaded stud inside the pressure switch which subjected to trigger the off switch, and a preset low-pressure value to trigger the switch. For example. In the hot pipeline an HVAC system, when the compressed high-temperature high-pressure air comes and the pressure rises to an exact value which will trigger the off switch, The spring pretension directly correlates to the pressure at which the switch makes an electric contact. When the pressure drops, the switch resets to its original state and turns on the switch.

The mechanical pressure switch is better suited for handling high voltages and amperages than an electronic pressure switch. They can be used to make a contact change for an increase or decrease in pressure.

Common applications of the mechanical pressure switch

HVAC, air compressor blowers, gas cylinders, air pumps, generator sets, off-road vehicles, compressors, wafer ovens, process equipment, flow control devices, pumps, wastewater, heating and cooling systems, and numerous other applications across industries.

Electronic pressure switches

An electronic pressure switch is controlled by the charging signal generated from a pressure sensor, Which is proportional to the pressure. Thus, not only is it identified whether the defined switch point has been reached, but the actual measured pressure is transmitted. Electronic pressure switches often feature a display from which the measured pressure can be read, digital displays and switching buttons also offer adjustable settings. Switch points, pressure output signal can be individually adjusted to suit the remote monitor control application.

The pros of electronic pressure switches are precise measurement, intelligent remote controllable, The con is the price is much higher than mechanical pressure switch and not suitable for extremely high-temperature high-pressure measurement and applications.

Pressure: It must be able to withstand the maximum working pressure. A diaphragm design works well for vacuum and low-pressure applications. For high-pressure applications, use a piston design.

Temperature: It must be able to work well within its maximum and minimum temperature range.

Repeatability: Repeatability, or accuracy, is the ability of the device to accurately switch back to the same set point for every repetition. The range of accuracy required will determine the selection of the pressure switch for your application. Diaphragm designs generally provide more accuracy than the piston design.

Electronic pressure switches are suitable for automated and controlled equipment systems that require programmable function, digital display, flexibility, accuracy, ingress protection, and stability. Common media used with pressure switches are: Hydraulic oil, Heating oil, Turpentine, Petrol/gasoline, Air

Lefoo Pressure Switch

The Lefoo group was launched in 2000, Lefoo manufacture pressure switches for an extensive range of industries include -10000 pa to 10000 pa, and from 0~200 bar. Such as HVAC, refrigeration, air, compressor and pump pressure, automatic water pump, vacuum, steam, differential pressure, float, miniature and vacuum, high pressure, level, and digital switches and sensors to meet the utmost needs of industrial application and harsh environment. Each lefoo pressure switch is high accuracy with numerous pressure ranges, Flexible for any connections.

LEFOO is a national pressure sensor manufacturers, we provide low pressure switch hvac, adjustable pressure switchand etc. Want to know more? Contact us now.

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