Ski Trousers

Designed for protection and durability, this funky ski trousersis made of wind- and waterproof 2-layer GoreTex® fabric and features synthetic Pinneco® padding for warmth. Ideal for backcountry skiing, they come equipped with all the details and features you need for off-piste adventures.

Types of Ski Trousers

Black slim ski trousers

Mens yellow ski trousers

Navy blue ski trousers

How We Made Ski Trousers

We use quality fabric for this long ski trousers.

Recycled nylon fabric is made from synthetic fibers. The materials are obtained by melting down existing fishing nets and carpet. Then re-spinning them into the new nylon. They are environmentally friendly, light, and durable.

The recycled nylon we use for the slim fit ski trousers mensis certified by GRS and traceable.

We use piece dye for this thermal ski trousers.

Sustainable garment production requires a sustainable fabric dyeing process

We use qualified fabric mill to dye our fabrics and they are all certified by Oeko-Tex. All bulk fabrics will be sent to a third party for testing before production to ensure that the bulk fabric quality meet the requirements. This report will also be submitted to the buyer for reference.

We adhere to a rigorous work process for this ski trousers.

Ski trousers have more details and more professional requirements than regular clothing. Our business team and QA team always focus on the feasibility of every detail at the very beginning of style development. And our QA team will also guide the whole process and work closely together. The QC team supervises the production quality on the production line and checks each piece of ski suit before packaging.

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