Customize Your Molding Parts All in Here

Zhongde provides professional and reliable custom injection molding services, and makes all the molds in-house. Our completed production line and various of manufacturing technologies enables us to undertake orders with high precision and complex-shape parts.

1,000,000 + Customized parts & molds

100+ Various materials available

Support parts assembly service

Custom Molding Products Center

Zhongde, as aprofessional molding parts manufacturer, is committed to providing customers with high-quality and low-cost customized products. Up to now, we have customized 1 million molding partsand molds for customers in more than 200 countries around the world. The following are some of our customized products for your reference. If you have custom requirements, please provide the corresponding 2D or 3D design drawings, and we will provide a quick quotation within 24 hours.

Custom Plastic Parts

Zhongde have introduced many advanced machines to produce plastic components and parts, so that we can offer on-demand production according to customers' requirements . We have made more than 10,000 kinds of plastic parts.

Custom Rubber Parts

Zhongde has many years experience in the rubber industry and has produced a wide range of products, including pure rubber parts, rubber bonding metal parts, rubber bonding plastic parts, and rubber reinforced fabric parts.

Custom TPE Parts

Zhongde can produce a variety of products in thermoplastic elastomer materials. This material has the excellent properties of traditional vulcanized rubber.

CNC Machining Parts

Zhongde has introduced more than 100 sets of advanced molding productsequipment, which can efficiently complete the production of a large number of parts and components.

3D Printing Parts

Zhongde has introduced many advanced equipment of 3D printing, which can be used to print molding componentsplastic & metal parts, realize one-time printing and reduce production costs.

Assembly Parts

Zhongde can provide single-piece products and kits and assembly services. We will provide manual assembly and machine assembly services or a combination of the two, to improve production efficiency.

Custom Process

Your one-stop manufacturer. We help realize your ideas from design to products and make delivery directly to your hands. Start from uploading drawings now.

2D & 3D Drawing


Get a Quote

Manual quotation within 24 hours

Drawing Analysis

Our engineering experts will analyze your drawing and choose a suitable process for production


Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Cast Molding, CNC Machining, Metal Stamping, 3D Printing

Build a Prototype

Quick prototype exactly same as drawings or samples


Review & approve samples for mass production

Mass Production

Automatic production line accelerates production and guarantees quality


We can provide additional service of assembly and more options for logistics, and ensure a fast delivery within 5 working days

Cases of Custom Products

Chemical Plant

Chemistry factory greatly improved the lifetime of sealing ring and saved labor costs by using modified rubber material.

Aquaculture Equipment

Fishing company overcomes difficulties in producing complex fishing tools by combining injection molding and compression molding.

Auto Industry

Automobile company uses automated rubber injection molding increased the capacity by 10 times.

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