Foam Cutting Machine

A complete solution includes automatic feeding, cutting, high accuracy labeling device and CCD vision detection, etc.

• High efficiency and high precision cutting process, perfect performance.

• The automatic labeling device can complete high accuracy labeling on specified position.

• CCD vision detection: It can ensure the quality of the product, reduce the error rate of manual operation and exclude NG product.

Modular design, easy transformation

• The machine is matched with various modular components such as feeding module, angle rotary module, etc., which has convenient installation, simple maintenance and easy transformation.

Machine feature of automatic foam cutting machine, industrial foam cutting machine

• The two products can be produced at the same time, which is more efficient than the same type of machine.

• The cutting process is high accuracy and avoid the waste of material and save customer cost.

• Each side of the machine only uses one six-axis manipulator to finish the feeding of 7 stations, which improve the work efficiency, reduce customer cost and maintenance difficulty.

• The repeat accuracy of the labeling device can reach ±0.1 mm

Machine advantage of Foam Cutting Machine

• High work efficiency, clear work assignment

• Save labor cost

• Multiple stations working at the same time will not intervene the production.

If you want to know more details about our auto welding machine equipment production line,please visit our website.

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