Hand Feels Finishing Agent

The chemical softening is the softening agent on the fabric softening method. Effect of softening agent is to reduce yarn fabric, friction between the friction between the fibers and fabrics and the human body. Feel consolidation is to improve or get the fabric all feel as stiff, soft finishing.

The hand feels of Fabric is a kind of comprehensive reaction caused by some physical and mechanical properties of fabrics by hand and skin tone, people on the fabric handle with different fabrics. The use of fiber and fabric hand feeling. Including fiber and fabric thickness, apparent specific gravity surface smoothness, touch, cold, feel soft and the degree of comprehensive factors. The finishing chemicals in textile are widely used in textile industry, which is very important for all the fabrics. Hand feels finishing agentis mainly included Softener series, Smoothing series, Silicone emulsion series, Silicone oil series etc.

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