Smoothing Series

Silicone smoothing agent, is a kind of excellent soft, smooth, bright, environmentally friendly water-based silicone emulsion texture, is a new generation of high-end textile softening agent. Smoothing auxiliaries can endow the fabric with excellent soft and smooth hand feeling. Applicable to all kinds of manufactured fiber goods. Our hot sales products of smoothing chemicals are included Mercerizing smoothing agent, Oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion, Mercerizing smoothing agent for wool, Emulsified wax and Yarn lubricant etc..

Firstly speaking, textile smoothing agent has many good features, such as excellent glossiness, wet rub resistance, flexibility, strong adhesion, waterproof and dirt resistance, quick drying, high and low temperature resistance, smooth hand feeling, tasteless and nontoxic, etc. Currently, the popular smoothing chemicals are mainly used for wool, other animal fiber and blended textile. Smoothing agent can be emulsified itself without oil stains on the fabric, which is not available for products containing pure silk. Smoothing agent can be used with cationic softening agent and crease resistant resin at the same time, especially suitable for padding and immersion process. Its ionic properties are weakly positive with excellent super smooth feeling and finishing properties. Therefore, it is especially suitable for smooth handling of wool garments and yarns.

The main functions of the smoothing agent are:

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