COSMOPlat is wholly owned by Haier Group which is a world-leading provider of solutions to better life. As the world’s first and only IoT ecosystem brand, Haier COSMOPlathas been included on the list of BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands for two consecutive years. Haier offers mold and moldingservices for over 1 billion families in 160 countries or regions around the world.

As one of the leading 3d printing service manufacturersand 3d prototyping companies, COSMOPlatwith its 3D printing is based on digital model files, using bondable materials (such as metal powder or plastic) to construct objects by printing layer by layer. It can be used in international space, naval vessels, aerospace science and technology, medical field, housing construction, 3d printing and manufacturing industryand other fields. 3D printing is particularly suitable for the manufacture of small batches and complex products. It can realize moldless manufacturing with low cost and short production time.

3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies are types of transformative methods to industrial production which enables 3D printing for mass manufacturing production much lighter and stronger. With the urge demand on on demand 3D printing service, 3D printing manufacturing businesshas gradually been a hot topic of people. 3D manufacturing process brings you digital flexibility and efficiency to production operations. As a leading and professional 3D prototype printing company, we provide you with different 3D printing consumer goods such as 3D print dishwasher parts, 3D printed medical parts, 3D printing plastic car parts and other 3D metal printing prototyping products.

3D Printing Products by COSMOPlat

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing refers to a technoogy that employs computer-aided design (CAD) to create three-dimensional objects by the method of layering. 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing. It is about using layering materials, such as plastics, composites, or biomaterials, to create objects of a range of shapes, sizes, hardness, and colors.

3D printing allows you to create complicated shapes by using less materials than the traditional methods.

The Working Principles of 3D Printing

3D printing is part of the additive manufacturing. It uses methods similar to traditional inkjet printers, although is called 3D printing. It needs to combine top-level software, powder materials and precision tools to create a three-dimensional object from scratch.

All starts with a 3D model. You can choose to create one by your own or download one from the 3D library.

Pros and Cons of 3D Printing

Like a coin has two sides, 3D printing also has its pros and cons.


l3D printing is making making easier.It improves the effiencicy of both conception and production. People spend less time in coming up with the product ideas, so more and more ideas are tested in the market today.

lEco-friendly.In the world of 3D printing, if you make a bad part, the part will not be allowed to recycle.If you decide to finish the job, the powder that doesn't turn into parts will be reused. Compared with much waste during the 2D printing,3D printing has made great progress.

l3D printing enables more design concepts. It can mkae more shapes that cannot be realized in other medium. 3D printing creates sign possibilities in the aspects of both color and style that can be finished in 2D printing.


l3D printing is not good at large batches. In the aspect of volume, a 3D printer can make 300 of something the size of a samll key chain, but injection molding can do 30,000.

lIt can't be denied that the materials used in the 3D printing have no price edge than those used in other printing process. So the materials pose challenges for 3D printing to be a mainstream printing method.

l3D printing will definitely affact jobs.

Home FAQ

What can be printed by 3D printing?

As long as there is a three-dimensional drawing, the required model can be printed. 3D printing is particularly suitable for manufacturing more complex parts.

How long does it take for 3D printing?

The printing time is set according to the requirements of the model and is controllable. The printing speed of the machine can be adjusted, and the relationship between speed and accuracy is inversely proportional. The faster the speed, the worse the accuracy.

What is the price of 3D printing?

The cost of each order is different, depending on the complexity and size of the design. We are committed to give you the most fair offer.

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