co Friendly Bamboo Products Wholesale Indoor & Outdoor

HQC Bamboo, as a China bamboo products factoryand bamboo products manufacturer, has all kinds of bamboo productsfor sale. For example, bamboo boards, bamboo furniture, plywood, bamboo wall panel, and strand woven bamboo flooring. Their application ranges from indoors to outdoors, daily life to building projects, small crafts to large boards. We can provide the whole set of top bamboo productsfor your life whatever your industry and wherever you are.

Light strand bamboo flooring

Deep Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Deep Strand Woven Bamboo Wall Cladding

Light Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Keel

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring for Sale

HQC Bamboo Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is made of carbonized strand bamboo, whose life is more than 15 years. Once you want to update flooring, HQC Bamboo Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring can help you live greenly.

Bamboo Board for Sale

HQC bamboo boards are mainly used in furniture, indoor flooring, bamboo craft, and so on. The characteristics of the bamboo board, such as low emission, high quality, low price, and beautiful wooden color, will make your life more harmonious.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo Desk

Bamboo Chair

Bamboo Sofa

Bamboo Screen

Bamboo Cabinet

Bamboo Coat Hanger

Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo Furniture for Sale

Wood furniture used to be very popular. However, we all know that wood resources are limited on earth. To protect the wood resource, HQC bamboo furniture company turns to make bamboo products, which are now widely used in daily life.

Bamboo Plywood

Container Flooring

Trailer Board

Bridge/Construction Board

Passenger Compartment Flooring (All Bamboo)

Bamboo Plywood for Sale

Saving energy is our main object. According to it, HQC Bamboo provides light and recycling construction boards, bridge boards, and so on, which are convenient for building projects.

Bamboo Wall Panel

Bamboo Wall Panel for Sale

HQC bamboo wall panel is made of bamboo in different colors, which looks like marble, but lighter and more beautiful than marble. HQC bamboo wall pane is convenient to install.

Why Choose HQC Bamboo Products Factory?

  • HQC deliver eco-friendly and high-quality bamboo products to reduce plastic waste;

  • HQC promote sustainable and Eco-friendly lifestyle;

  • HQC is launching bamboo products with high cycle life, high density, superior wear-resistance and fire-resistance;

  • HQC are promoting eco-friendly and sustainable live style;

We can offer a comprehensive bamboo product line for your business: Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Board, Bamboo Furniture, Bamboo Plywood, Bamboo Wall Panel for sale. Custom service is available!

Giving you the best of service is our utmost priority. Your satisfaction is our top priority for every product we deliver. And with our low carbon and environmental bamboo products, we are sure we can achieve the cooperation smoothly by our site. We'll be adding more bamboo products to the collection regularly. If you have specific needs please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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