Integrated Oil Press

he automatic temperature controlled integration oil press is built up with electricity controlling part, electric frying part, and auto heating & squeezing system, vacuum filtrating system.

Automatic Temperature Control Integrated Oil PressCategory:

The electrical frying part mainly consists of an electrical heating device, insulating material, frying pan, and churn, etc.

The auto heating and squeezing department mainly consists of heating part, squeeze cage part and squeeze spiral part etc.

The vacuum filtration department mainly consists of electromotor, vacuum pump, oil and gas separator urn, valve, vacuum pipe etc.

"Guangxin" brand is a top brand for oil press machines. The manufacturer Sichuan Guangxin Machinery of Grain and Oil Processing Co., Ltd, has always been in the top techniques and markets. It has been exported to over 80 countries in the world and looks forward to establishing long term cooperation with users, distributors and trade companies worldwide.

The integration oil press machine is a new advanced designed model which suits for high-grade oil materials like the shelled peanut, sunflower seeds, and sesame etc. The machine has the advantages of easy operation and high oil yield. Customers can get clean oil from this model.

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