Monel Ball Valves

The monel ball valveis designed to provide years of service at an economical cost and are available in various options. It with owns higher corrosion resistance than copper-based alloys in flowing seawater. Monel ball valves are suitable for transporting of high temperature hydrogen fluoride gas and hydrofluoric acid solution.

Corrosion Resistance Characteristics of Monel Ball Valves

This hand ball valve has small flow resistance, even it's reduced bore ball valves, the flow resistance is very small.

Monel ball valves with good sealing performance.

The stem sealing of Monel ball valves are reliable, it can be opened or closed as long as the stem turned 90 degree, the packing sealing of the stem can not be damaged easily.

The hand operated valve with excellent corrosion resistance om numerous acidic and alkaline conditions. It is particularly suitable for chemical reduction conditions.

Monel ball valves are suitable for all proprietary instruments, good mechanical properties.

Monel ball valves with extend instrumentation life.

Monel ball valves can be reduce plant downtime.

These types of industrial valvecan eliminate high maintenance costs.

Monel ball valves with good weld-ability.

Monel ball valves with board operating temperature.

Application of Monel Ball Valves

Petrochemical plant


Power plant

Water treatment plant

Marine exploitation

As one of a Chinese valve manufacturers, we will provide high quality products to you.

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