colorvu ip camera

What's ip camera colorvu? It's one IP camera with starlight illumination sensor, starlight F1.0 Lens and warm light. Using colorful imaging technology to help cameras to work with colorful video 7/24 hours even in extremely dark environments. Our color ip cameraguarantee video with colorful details when people need them in low-light environments. Comparing to black and white image, colorful image can offer people more clear information like letters, numbers, face. Choose colorful starlight IP cameras, see the true story even in darkness.

Types of Colorvu IP camera

Colorvu Bullet IP Camera

Bullet security cameras get their name as the distinct cylindrical shape , which looks like a bullet shell or lipstick tube. To be one of the most common types of security cameras, bullet cameras are a visible deterrent.

Colorvu Dome IP Camera

Dome IP camera is named by its design: dome and circular shape. Due to different design, there are turret dome and vandal proof dome cameras. It can be used indoor and outdoor such as home, bar, restaurants, hotels, retails stores, parks, schools, hospitals, streets and so on.

Features of Colorvu IP camera

7* 24 hours colorful video

Super low illumination starlight Sony sensor

Warm light works wonderful at night

What is ColorVu IP Camera?

ColorVu IP Camera can give you the true color of the objects, during the daytime, nighttime. And in poor lighting conditions, camera IP colorvu ensures 24/7 full time color imaging. Using 1/2.8'' Sony low-light CMOS Sensor, IP camera colorvu vastly improves the utilization of available light. The color IP camera comes with F1.0 super aperture lens, collects more light to bring brighter images. ColorVu IP Cameras have build-in Supplemental Lights, provides a warm and soft (visible) light onto an area for illumination when needed in extremely dark environments. Also Our 8MP and 5MP 4MP ColorVu Camera features with human body detection, that enabling human detection to trigger LED lights and brightness adjustable. In addition, we also offer 4mp colorvu camerafixed turret network camera, colour night vision IP camera, ip66 color cameraand so on. If you want to know more about IP camera color night vision, or buy color night vision IP camera, please contact us.

ColorVu IP Camera:Color night vision ip camera

Users may need to install a camera where there is no light or weak light, usually conventional starlight cameras are also able to provide colour night vision image in such environment, but the image may not be that ideal if the light is too weak or even no image if no light at all. Well now, in recent two years, Colorvu IP camera comes to the market, which can use for environments were either weak light or no light. Camera IP colorvu combines F1.0 super aperture lens which can collect more light than conventional lens, advanced super low illumination sensor and array supplemental warmlight, thus enable the camera to provide crystal clear color night vision even in extremely dark scenarios. Through IP camera colorvu, 24/7 full color vision, colour information and more details will be captured. What's more, YCX generation3.0 color IP camera can also adjust the brightness from 0-100%, combined with human detection function, it is available to provide brighter light when detecting humans and switch to lower light mode when no human is detected. The colorvu IP camera will automatically switch according to the setting on IE.

As a cctv surveillance company, ww will provide different types of security camerasfor customers.

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